Character Creation Script 1.3.0

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This script allows you to create, save and load customized GTA Online characters.

The creation mode can be triggered at the marked location in the LS Airport, there you can customize a new character and then save it.

To create a new outfit, you must go to a clothing store, you must also be playing as a GTA Online character. There, you can customize your outfit and then save it.

To update your character's tattoos, go to a tattoo parlor. You can also go to a barbershop to update your character's makeup, hairstyle and other cosmetic values

Saved characters and outfits persist in the disk as JSON files located in the "CharacterCreationData" directory.

To open the loading menu, which allows you to load saved characters and outfits, you must press the PAGE UP key

Copy the contents of the compressed file in your main GTA V directory.

Character Creation script by me
SHV SDK by Alexander Blade
Menu Base by E66666666

If you die playing as one of the GTA Online characters, the script will swap the player model to Michael, otherwise the game will get stuck in a loading screen. To avoid having your model changed, you can use the character swap script to change the ped hash to one of the main characters.


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