Ambient Weapons 1.2.0

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1.2.0 Ambient Weapons

Change log

- Removed need for keyboard to select items (see control mappings list below)
- Peds are more likely to get wacked on first hit now since Rag doll on collision has been enabled
- Fixed bug where if player was missing night stick it would fail to pick up items
- Added better prop in hand positioning for smaller items like bottles and cans
- Tweaked throw timing to improve animation quality
1.0.1 - General Beta 1 Release


Wish you could just throw something at peds that annoy you ?
Or how about challenging yourself with quick instincts and use the items around you as melee weapons instead of a firearm ?

Ambient Weapons lets you pick up props and use them for battery and/or for throwing.


Extract to scripts folder


You can change key assignments and throwing force in the .ini file


The controls function as follows:

RM - Right Mouse Click
LM - Left Mouse Click
LT - Controller Left Trigger
RT - Controller Right Trigger
LB - Controller Left Bumper
RB - Controller Right Bumper

On foot:

Pickup Item - RM, LT
Melee Item - LM, RT
Aim item after pickup - RM hold, LT hold
Throw item while aiming - LM, RT

Note: If you release RM, LT AFTER aiming, LM, RT button will drop the item next to the player.
It will not throw or melee attack in this case. Picking it up after that is just like picking it
up for the first time

In/On Vehicle:

Pickup Item - RM, LB
Melee Item - LM, RB
Aim item after pickup - RM hold, LB hold
Throw item while aiming - LM, RB

When the mod is enabled and you are close enough to a useable prop, it will flash.
RM or LT will pick it up

Once armed, press LM or RT to use the prop just like any other melee weapon,
pressing RM or LT will enable crosshair aiming just like any other aim/throw weapon.

While holding RM or LT press LM or RT and whoosh your prop is now a projectile hurtling towards your target!

Instant retrieve - After throwing, if no other item near you is flashing then pressing RM, will put the item
back into your hand ready for re-throwing

Can I use this when in or on a vehicle? Yes. Mouse functions same. Controller changes from triggers to bumpers
because triggers control forward and back when in a vehicle

In Game Experience

Not all props are created equal. Any prop that is simple or not normally attached to something (the ground or a railing) is usually fair game to use. There are some that will melee, but not allow you to throw them.
The good news is that as long as a prop is not attached, it doesn’t matter how big it is A dumpster for instance is normally on wheels so yup, you can grab and throw ‘um. When throwing large objects you can switch to FPV to be able to see the crosshairs.
Basically if it flashes it's fair game. There very tiny props like cigarette butts and it will pick those. I may look like you have nothing but it's there

Street poles, mailboxes, and newspaper vendors are unavailable initially, but throw something fairly large like a trash bin at one and watch what happens.
It will break the pole off at its base, and fall to the ground. Upon running over to it now, it should flash, meaning you can use it.


It will not grab or throw peds. Use the jedijosh920 mod for that: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/grab-throw-peds
It will not throw cars. Use Hulkbuster or Gravity Gun mod for that

Sometimes throwing a prop at a ped just bounces off or displaces them. This is because they seem to be invincible when tasks are running. version 2 is better at this but not 100%.
There is this one ped that just stares endlessly through store windows who seems to be invincible. Keep at it using re-throw and eventually they will get wacked.

When used as melee, the prop is not 100% unclipped. I had to do this because contact with the ground while in the players hand causes the player to slide and glitch out

Broken props don’t last indefinitely so they may just disappear on you.
Same with holding props when in/on a vehicle. They just go poof sometimes

There is a very hard to reproduce problem after playing for a very long time switching between vehicle and on foot. The symptom is that you cannot enter a vehicle unless armed with a shooting weapon.
Restarting the game fixes it. I will try to nail down the cause


jedijosh920 for initial concept. Your mods continue to inspire me. AB and OpenIV for maintaining the core and turning updates around quickly.
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