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  • 996911 wayne badcock

    Hi @AmazyCrazy,
    That sounds exactly what I found from a trainer interfering. Bear with me while I get a Discord server set up so I can better help people. May be handy once I have that if you could share what mods you have, and the settings files for the trainers etc. to see if I can recreate. Once I have Discord we will be able to hopefully look into it a bit better together to see what is going on.

    @ReNNie, Will do - thank you.

  • 996911 wayne badcock


    I think I can see what is going on... I think my script fades back in a little too soon before the arrest sequence is completed as it still uses the in game arrest sequence. I will try playing around with the timings next week to see if I can time it a bit better. I have tried with BetterChases+ and they seem to work OK together, although I am just using the default settings.

    Are you still having issues - did you want to message me what issues you are seeing and I will see if I can recreate or find a way to help?

    I am on discord but do not have my own discord server if that is what you mean.

  • 996911 wayne badcock

    Hi @ReNNie,

    Thanks for letting me know - It could be BetterChases as my script tries to keep your wanted level at 1 star so not to be killed. I will install it and see if I get the same issue - if not, will get in touch for a log may be useful as I can try to work out if another mod is interfering.

    Many thanks.

  • 996911 wayne badcock

    Hi @leihebi,

    That would be good - will be in touch :-)

  • 996911 wayne badcock

    Hi @AmazyCrazy, Yes, see how you get on with the pedselector I altered as that removes the character reset issues as well as allow you to change the keybinding in an .ini Hopefully that will stop the issue - if not I will see if I can recreate as I have the same trainers.

  • 996911 wayne badcock

    Hi @AmazyCrazy
    What other mods do you use?
    Do you have a trainer installed?
    I have only seen that with a trainer when it tries to override the script.
    What keybindings are you trying and which character?
    I'll then see if I can recreate the issue.

  • 996911 wayne badcock

    Hi, so I have found a bit of an issue when using Menyoo to change outfits. It causes my player to die. I haven't tried the disable script version yet (will do when I have some time).

    2021. február 7.
  • 996911 wayne badcock

    Hi @Stryfaar,

    Love this mod - is there a way to make the money pickups require the pressing of E as well?

    Many thanks

    2020. december 26.