CAR-15 [Animated | 4K] v1.1


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Version 1.1:
-Redone all the colour and gloss maps
-Change the compression of certain normal maps, mainly the ones with engraved text, so it doesn't look like a smudge
-Added normals for the "Vom Feuer" logo
-Added Specular and Occlusion maps to the base textures to add more details and make the gun react better to the in game lighting
-Changed textures for the bullets in the magazine
-Added a model for the 60-round extended clip attachment
-Added a collision model that is bugged atm so the weapon still falls though the world (If anyone can help I would be grateful)

For Comparison of textures although more noticeable in motion look at the last 2 screenshots

Version 1.02:
-Fixed the OIV Installer and separated downloads

Version 1.01:
-Updated the upload with a manual install

The CAR-15 is a M4 that is the most popular M4 in video games and is what the Combat Rifle in previous Grand Theft Autos was based on. This is pretty much the real life version of the GTA IV Combat Rifle. This is a realistic model and have been configured to look great in 3rd and 1st person with uncompressed 4k textures that look amazing in game.
Attachments are not setup yet, but I plan on doing that and also making a realistic attachments pack.

Please donate to support, this is the first of many and I plan of creating model replacements for all the weapons in stock GTA V SP

Model is from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
The model was modified, configured and ported by Smurphy (MrTombone8 on GTA V Mods)
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Először Feltöltve: 2020. december 24.
Utoljára Feltöltve: 2020. december 29.
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