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This ASI plugin is just another character swapper plugin.

EXCEPT, that it will not just simply swap your character, but it will change the hash code automatically, so you can play story missions, while transfigured, and you will keep all weapons. Also, due to hash code modification, you CAN die or get arrested, while transfigured. It also handles all three protagonists separately.
The plugin has two working modes. Action-button mode and Menu mode.

Just press the button you've set in the INI file (it is DEL by default). If you've set a valid model (other than the original player models), you will be transfigured to that model. If you press the button again, you will be restored your original player model.

Open the cheat console, and enter "jupiter swapper menu". Literally, with spaces, without quotes! Alternatively, you can set a key for menu activate. Then a simple menu will open, where you can select in-game ped model or addon ped model. If you press the select button, you will be transfigured.
If you want to restore your player model to original, just select the "Reset skin" option.
If you select any model from the menu, it will override the Action-button mode model for the current session only If you want to set that model as default in Action-button mode, just select "Set current skin as default" option. It will save the model name to the INI file!

Peds and Addon-peds are grouped into pages, each page contains a maximum of 30 peds.

Num8 - Up
Num2 - Down
Num5 - Select: this will execute the action. Navigation buttons do not execute anything, you must select the highlighted option!
Num0, Backspace - Back / Hide menu
"jupiter swapper menu" in cheat console OR menu activation key: Show menu
The menu controls cannot be changed!

The INI file contains settings.
Here you can set the default Action-button mode models for all three protagonsists (these must be fully qualified character models, not hashes, also cannot be protagonist models!).
You can also change the Action-button (DEL by default).
There exists a boolean option for fearful transformation (FALSE by default). If it is TRUE, nearby pedestrians will run away (and call the police, if there are more than 5 peds nearby) when you transform either from menu or by Action-button.

- ScriptHookV
- ASI loader

It does NOT require NativeTrainer or NativeUI, because the menu code is conatined entirely in the ASI.

- DO NOT save your game, while you're transfigured - otherwise the saved game will be either trash, or it will crash! Reset your skin first!
- Also, after you USE this mod (ie. you do any transformation), the game will crash, if you try to reload saved game, or start new game in the current session. The cause is unknown!

The kids you can see, are NOT part of the mod. I've just downloaded and installed some child peds. However, this mod can use any ped model!
When you switch to another protagonist, the game will reset the original model of the former protagonist. You just have to be far enough! (eg. at least 2-3 blocks away)
The transformation will not work, when you are on mission, a random event is ongoing, you are driving, climbing, falling, parachuting, getting arrested, stunned, or you are dead. This is, to prevent most problems with missions and game scripts. 'Course, you can start missions with changed skin, but some peds will not be visible in cutscenes, or it can cause problems, if that mission involves protagonist switching or dressing up.

v1: Initial release
v1.1: the script now preserves your wanted level, health, and armor. New feature: fearful transformation.
v1.1b: fixed witness radius for fearful transformation (17.5 meters) - a crime is also reported (1 star), if more than 5 pedestrians witness your transformation.
v1.1c: fixed a memory leak. Also, you only get wanted level, if you spook people in the street, not in the house.
v1.2: eXPerimental feature: disable game saving, while transfigured (to prevent saved game trash or crash!). Buggy! It only disables QuickSave and AutoSave. See details in INI file!
v1.3: added a Ped Selector menu. Contains ALL in-game peds, and can detect Add-on Peds (from XML in GTA V user dir). Removed savegame-disable feature.
v1.3b: fixed a bug, that could mess up script internal state, if a model is invalid
v1.3c: fixed some problems related to being an animal: no weapons for animals, auto-reset player upon death/arrest. - It disables some in-game bugs (no, NOT my plugin is buggy, the game itself is buggy). Mainly the death-as-fish loop is disabled!
v1.3d: ped models, weapon models, and weapon component models are now stored in the INI file. This means, it is possible to update the list manually. Read the INI file for further details!
v1.3e: added hotkey for menu. Default: disabled - must be enabled in INI. Color scheme changed.

This mod was created, using the ScriptHookV SDK for Pascal.
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