Future BEAT Loading Music (Project REVIVE) 3.0


Alright people... Heading up ahead to my first mod...
A part of my (more like OUR) Upcoming "Project REVIVE" Total GTA V Enhancement mod...

Just made a cool soundtrack from ... so I decided to change it to my own GTA V Loading music

Installation Instructions.. Here they are
"mods/x64/audio/sfx/PROLOGUE.rpf" ------ Music ( its a surprise )
"mods/update/update.rpf/x64/data/cdimages"------ Pics (Screenshots Provided)

Plz always use the MODS Folder if u don't wanna mess up your game!

I'm are currently accepting Ideas for "Project REVIVE" .. My BIG (srsly) total GTA V Graphical and Mechanical Enhancement mod.

Here's what is already Included:-
-Graphics Enhancement ( Inspired by NVR )
-Physics Enhancement
-Character Textures

Just a Notice
Loading REVIVED Will be a completely separate project as I plan for further more additions frequently ..... I've added a New REMIX version in it now !!

Any other Suggestions and requests are heartily welcomed

Here's a sample of What We've been working on... timecycle by me

If you wanna Contribute ( This involves no cash ) to Project REVIVE... join the crew here:

Don't mind the little INACTIVE Forums... we're still working now

Initial launch including
-New Loading screens
-New loading music
-Removed loading screen foreground

-New Loading pics added
-Various image fixes ( Resize... Transparency.. etc !)
-Music Sample

-Revised the full track into a remix
-No new loading screens ( SORRY )
-Loading track is longer than usual

Feel free try out the music before installing.... on SoundCloud.. Right here
  • https://soundcloud.com/muktikantdash345/future-beat-remix-gta-v-revived
  • ( NEW )

  • https://soundcloud.com/muktikantdash345/gta-5-future-beat-loading-music-by-me-project-revive
  • ( first one )

    Special Thanks to @Agent Fury for uploading and adding the video to the MOD... Thanks So MUCH !

    NOTE - Before uploading this file anywhere you need my permission and you
    agree to it by downloading this music

    DON"T WORRY .... I'm not that STRICT 'bout Permissions.. just ASK before u

    Friends ? I hope so
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