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One thing i noticed after playing GTA V for a long time and experimenting a lot with it´s graphical features, is the plenty of movie-like effects, and sometimes it might be distracting and other times kinda annoying.

When using Post FX on Very High or Ultra, a bunch of flashing horizontal and vertical anamorphic lensflares will fade from every light source or reflection in the game and cover all the map, from the sun, to lamposts to even clothes with lighter colours,mmm... ... like a white t-shirt, even the sky will fade lensflares.

This mod will actually improve the graphics, meaning a more realistic experience, as if you were seeing the world with your eyes, not through a camera lens anymore. Now you will be able to play with Depth of Field, take screenshots and record clips without that blueish atmosphere covering the whole screen, you won´t be able to see a single lensflare in the game, excepting the sun one.



-A small FPS boost.

-Removed every single lens artefact in the game from:

-Cars headlights.
-Cars and water reflections.
-Clothing "light sourcing"(because a neutral or softer color, like with white clothes, the game identifies that as a light, and is not.
-Bloom effect while standing inside interiors, tunnels and dark places.
-Artificial light sources, lamposts lightning, building lights, headlights again.
-Natural light sources like moonlight, thunders.

-(New) Edited two more values related with the main parameter, controlling in somehow the amount and intensity of flares.

-Removed timecyc files for each version, remaining just a .txt file with instructions inside.

Note: This will also affect a part of the sun artefacts, since it also uses this type of FX in its code, sun flares visibility will be a bit reduced.

-Enjoy the new realistic and clean experience!

If you find issues report them.

Created by LanGonCer9807, please do not upload or redistribute my mod in other websites without asking me first.
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