SkateV (BMX) Improved Skateboard Handling - Land Fakie, Manuals, Better Ollies & Disable Stunt Jumps 1.1

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SkateV Improved Handling

This is a submod for jedijosh920's SkateV
Get it here:

-Land Fakie
-Manuals & Nose Manuals
-Better Ollie
-Option to disable all stunt jumps (because the stunt jump camera is annoying and pointless imo) --now you can do tricks off the best jumps in the game without that camera getting in the way
-Spin faster and do inverted flips faster
-Your skateboard will suck a little more on grass/mud/offroad terrain and go slower uphill.
-Fixed wobbling animation at speed
-lower max angle when leaning makes the animations look a lot smoother in game
-fixed floating dirt texture and floating damage textures above skateboard- still haven't tracked down one last floating texture, it doesnt happen often tho.
-Handling tweaks make cruising more enjoyable and approaching rails a little easier: Note you don't have a brake anymore- carve or just stop pumping to slow down like you would on a real skateboard
-SkateV uses the BMX handling, so the changes made affect the BMX bike too. Overall the bike is still usable and fine, the main drawback is you won't have any brakes. I think it will allow you to go fakie on the bike too. Ultimately the edit was only intended to make SkateV more realistic and enjoyable, and no testing was done on the effects it has on BMX bike handling.

Tips to skate like a pro:

-To do a good/power ollie hold space and then hit shift and release them both, you will ollie further and higher and your character will do the pump motion making it look like you ollied/did a flip trick. To do a regular ollie just hold and release space

-to do a standard manual, hit SHIFT, then CTRL immediately after (or whatever is bound to lean backwards), and use the mouse up and down to control your balance. it can take some getting used to

-to do a nose manual, hold Q at sufficient speed (or whatever is mapped as bike forward brake) and move the mouse gently forward. Use the mouse up and down to control the balance, and don't move it too fast when you start or you'll eat shit.

-to land fakie, you have to land aligned to your momentum, and not be holding a directional/forward key while you land. Align yourself well and hold S key for best results

-to do the grab in midair, hit or hold space again right as you leave the jump. when you land, just use the pump key (shift) to get out of the crouched anim)

-the best grind is the backside boardslide, you can actually get some decent grinds if you hit it correctly. frontside can work well sometimes too. its pretty damn hard either way tho

-If your character is wobbling like crazy, its because you hit the CAPS key, or whatever is bound to bike sprint. hit it again to fix it

First off, you need SkateV by JediJosh920 for this to be of any use to you

Since I assume most of you have edited handling metas, you'll have to copy & paste the lines in the included text document in the "handlinglines" folder
into your own handling.meta located at:


Use notepad++. Control+F and search BMX, then replace the lines.

To fix the floating texture bugs:

again I am providing just the edited lines for BMX, because most people have a modified vehicles.meta

navigate to mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/levels/gta5

now export your own vehicles.meta

Use notepad++. Control+F and search BMX, then replace the lines from the text doc in "vehiclemetalines" folder

[optional] To disable Stunt Jumps:

Extract your gameconfig.xml with OpenIV, its located at (mods)update/update.rpf/common/data

you only need to change one line, scroll down or search for CStuntJump

and change the poolsize value to zero. save and import it back into OpenIV

Get custom skateboard textures here:

THANK YOU JEDIJOSH920! Among all the awesome mods he created on this site, this one is particularly fucking rad. I think it needed a little love. However, my work was small compared to his, I only made simple meta edits.

1.01 fixed floating dirt bug above the skateboard and the annoying wobbling back and forth at speed, and lowered max lean angle which makes the animations look much smoother in game
1.02 fixed another floating texture, changed the install instructions
1.1: instructions on how to do standard manuals, and option to disable all stunt jumps (two things i figured out recently)
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