Quality of Life Vehicle Pack [Discontinued] [FINAL]

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This mod is now discontinued please download the new version here

Pissed off by the sight of ugly door seams ? Weird bugs and other generally crappy issues on R*s cars ? Fear no more ! This work-in-progress pack can save you the pain of having to fix these issues yourself ! Any car in this pack (other than the locked optional models) you are free to use for your own mods. With credit given :) This pack fixes bugs with a few stock GTA vehicles. Issues like bad normals / shit topology and bugged tuning parts. Full list of fixed issues is in the .zip.

Bug Fixed Sultan | Tuning
Bug Fixed Zion | Tuning
Bug Fixed Zion2 | Tuning
Bug Fixed Glendale | Tuning
Bug Fixed Warrener | Tuning
Bug Fixed Blista2 | Tuning
Bug Fixed Dukes | Tuning
Bug Fixed Romero

This car pack is in beta, there could be some bugs with the cars in the pack, if you find any, please report them. The pack is also not completed, i am fixing cars as and when i decide to work on them, so the list of fixed cars will grow slowly.

Disclaimer 2:
Not all optional extras are compatible with each other (the .meta files) Please do not report this as a "bug", its not a bug, its designed that way, you'll unfortunately have to live with it, or edit the code yourself to combine them, i unfortunately do not have the time to do this, sorry for any inconvenience.

Disclaimer 3:
The likelihood of me helping you if you cannot install this pack / optional extras is very slim, i have provided detailed instructions in the .zip, if you are unable to follow these, modding is not for you.

[FINAL] - Fixed Zion2 Headlights.

Installation Instructions in the .zip
Please report any bugs in the comments
Donations are always appreciated 😎
You may use this vehicle pack in your FiveM server as long as its not a reward for a donation / exclusive to one person.
Is there a part you want added ? Suggest it in the comments !

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