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  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    Hey man, wanted to see how you were doing. Surprised to see you return, I figured you retired due to real life stuff.

  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    @-EcLiPsE- Would you mind attempting to make a custom vehicle layout animation? I'd be curious if it works. Vehicle layout animations have different animations for different scenarios (i.e. drive-by, ducking, idling animations when at a complete stop, etc.) but I want to see if you can just make a steering animation, which is just the character going from turning the wheel full lock to the left at the start of the animation timeline and then it scrubs through until the end when the player is turning the wheel full lock to the right.

    This is mainly out of curiosity and for testing purposes, because if it's a possibility then this means add-on car mods can start using their own animations instead of the existing ones (meaning we don't have to adjust seat and wheel positions as well as steering wheel size).

    2022. június 25.
  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    So we can do custom animations now?

    Does this mean we could make new driving animations? The driving animations, when played back, are just the character going from full-lock to the left to full-lock to the right, and the game just scrubs back and forth on the timeframe for steering.

    2022. június 13.
  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    Man, DiRT 2. Oh, that brings back memories. I recently started playing the original Race Driver GRID and that game's sounds are pretty fucking dope even today.

    2022. május 29.
  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    When you're making a vehicle add-on, IIRC you can basically tell it what layout to use (usually LAYOUT_STD for sedans and LAYOUT_LOW for muscle and sports cars), and you can use custom layouts. And usually you have to edit the car to work with it (such as adjusting the size and position of the steering wheel so the hands line up). But with new animations you can make animations for the car instead of the car for the animations.

    But the way layout animations work is that the animation, played normally, is just the character steering all the way to the left at the start of it and then all the way to the right at the end (or the other way around, I don't remember). So the middle of the animation's timeline is where the character is steering to the center (so not steering at all). And obviously when driving a car, depending on your steering the animation is just getting played backwards and forwards accordingly.

    2022. május 24.
  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    @_Jennie_ Wait can you make custom vehicle layout animations?

    Like you know how with sports and super cars, the driver's legs are always all hunched up in the fetal position? Could you make a custom animation to circumvent this for car add-ons?

    2022. május 24.
  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    Hey man, I was wondering if you could have the mod work similarly to https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/better-cruise-control

    I use that mod and I love that for a cruise control instead I can just have it so it limits my speed when I press forward, plus I can increment the speed limit using the NumPad. But what always bothered me is the acceleration isn't smooth, when it reaches the speed limit it just repeatedly spams max throttle instead of smoothing it.

    2022. május 20.
  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    @EncryptedReality Ya know if you're gonna update this at least update the old shit too, only like 10 percent of your other custom maps work.

    2022. május 2.
  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    Just so you're aware, I think license plates actually more so belong in the Paint Jobs category.

    2022. május 1.
  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    Can you add Mazdaspeed parts and possibly Efini logos?

    2022. április 15.