Go-Loco Railroad Police Pack 2.0

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Long gone are the heroic days of Go-Loco and its infamous Railroad Police. Once renowned for its establishment by one of the United States' most influential presidents and for taking down notorious wild-west gang leaders, The Go-Loco Railroad Police now finds itself understaffed, underequipped, and plagued with corporate corruption. This department serves an important role, but the corporation that owns its own private police force doesn’t seem to agree.

This mod adds several Go-Loco Railroad Police Law Enforcement vehicles and Go-Loco Railroad Police Special Agent peds to the game (alongside misc. EUP textures), courtesy of seasoned_shrimp et al.

You will need SirenSetting LimitAdjuster for the emergency lighting to function properly.
It is heavily suggested you also install MPClothes (by DustyFlop, Jacobmaate, seasoned_shrimp, et al) for additional content, not limited to just GLPD.

seasoned_shrimp - Gresley edits, Fixed Allen’s Torrence wheels (Gresleys), Numerous edits to assets, liveries, and much more.
Dusty Flop - Misc. Edits, Ped Assistance.
Ron DiPierro - Rear TAs. (Dominator, Alamo/Bison Rear Advisor)
Jacobmaate - Arjent, Computer, Spotlights, RX2700, LX2100, Dash Camera, Declasse Alamo base, Vapid Stanier base (in conjunction with DustyFlop), Lighting textures.
11john11 - Misc. Lighting (Hideaways, Slicktop lighting, etc.), Declasse Bison base edits, Antennas, Siren Controller.
Nacho - Gunrack, Pushbars, Gresley Wraparounds, Cages, Trunk Partition, Trunk Organizer, Liberty (scout3)
Weeby - Trunk Organizer/Props.
RooST4R - Bison Wheels.
IlayArye - Alamo Wheels.
Alex Ashfold - EUP Development
Jerry521 - Screenshots, Video.

1) Start OpenIV.
2) Navigate to the ‘mods’ folder, or create one if you have not already.
3) Drag the entire ‘glpd’ folder to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
4) Find dlclist.xml - which is located in mods\update\update.rpf\common\data
5) Edit the dlclist.xml and add dlcpacks:\glpd\ at the bottom.

Known Bug(s)
Bison bed caps have a COL issue.

2.0 - New vehicles, peds, improvements from 1.0

Terms of Use
This mod is exclusive to GTA5-Mods.com. Downloads from other sites will be regarded as stolen.
You are free to use this mod on any multiplayer server.
If you wish to use assets from authors mentioned in the credits, view their asset-sharing permissions and ask if they require you do so.
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