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  • 2c60a2 image 2023 05 02 180232562

    For anybody having issues, here's how i managed to get past the "Actual 10 But Expected 11." Error.
    In OpenIV, go to your prologue.rpf folder, find td_loading_music.awc
    Next, go into edit mode, right click and then find "Export to Openformats
    Left click and extract it to anywhere you want.
    Then, take the Wav files from the GTA IV Loading Screen Music RAR File and replace it with the ones inside the original TD_Loading_music.awc folder.
    Then go back into OpenIV, go into the top left and click "new"
    Then click "import openformats"
    Then choose the original OAC File that you extracted at the start and it should work.

    2023. május 5.
  • 2c60a2 image 2023 05 02 180232562

    Nigga is tweakin in the description of this mod lmfaooo, anyways nice mod man this is great

    2023. május 3.
  • 2c60a2 image 2023 05 02 180232562

    @Etim2 okay thank you, i found out how on my own with a tutorial by open IV. I just went into the Streamed Ambience RPF file. Then clicked "New" in the top left, went to "import Openformats" and clicked onto your OAC file which replaced the old one. Thank you though!

    2023. május 3.
  • 2c60a2 image 2023 05 02 180232562

    could you give a more In-Depth installation guide? i cant seem to get it working, whenever I drag the OAC file into my RPF file it says: Some files not imported, more information below.
    amb_music_loop_22.oac(Line 16): File "amb_music_loop_22\22.wav" not found.

    2023. május 2.