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    @Dealien have some conflict that makes me fall thru the map each time i do any purshase didint found the conflict yet but i just solve it by earbreak mod i think some option on the trainer may even be the cause

    2022. május 9.
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    awesome job! i wish scripthook developers would move in the same step, without it on rockstar launcher thers nothing we can do but thank you for your job! a all community tahnk you sir! <3

    2022. április 30.
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    @SisterUlicia ther is a open source already in forums, i downloaded it months ago, they updated the version 1.26 already it doesnt look that hard ass they reply so quick to the updates, i wont send the link for some reasons but u can search for scipt hook open source on the forums u will find it for sure

    2022. április 28.
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    @tiganu its on ini file, pay for stuff option mate

    2022. április 26.
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    lately iam having this API error on this mod :[WARNING] Unable to resolve API version 3.4.0. does anyone know the reason ? thank you

    2022. április 17.
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    @Yaphy21 thank you for creating the mod actualy pretty nice, i did some changes for myself like loan payed from the bank account instead and added an option to make 3 loans per time if u are interested i can send you the code for it but iam sure u can do it yourself if u think its worth it, again thx to bring mods 22 still, keep the good grind mate <3

    2022. március 9.
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    @Yaphy21 oh my bad didint notice it was in % already, awesome mod by the way per now its the best simple bank system works fine with almost any mods and i use a lot of them (changing between them) no bugs for now just that withdraw box that for my experience only happends on franklin it is weird, already add some mods to check errors and it wont show me anything may be a conflict or a miss writing somewhere? i will keep trying it whenever i can to help u sir, keep the good work <3

    2022. március 8.
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    Nice mode with no errors, simple coding, but on the last update withdraw box chat box doesnt apear on the inside the banks, also i think u should make possible to taxes by percent instead of fixes, love the mod anyway

    2022. március 6.
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    after 40+ dealerships i downloaded, this is the one with a most considerable size and with lower fps drops, love it, i added a clinton banner on the front and would love to see this with a road to the garage i tryied it but the grass complicated everything

    2022. február 7.
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    @Yaphy21 Nop it isnt, i have it as i said iam using it but SHVDN2 is no longer updated i do think that modes using it can cause more weird bugs

    2022. január 25.