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    @TheGlassMan Sorry but I never had the issue of the partner turning against me, it seems like a conflict with something else, as the error you mentioned. The handshakes and "celebrations" are already there and independent from the Roleplay Menu.
    @gorgonut Thanks! If the relationship bar is full means you reached the maximum :) As the partner gains money it will buy new vehicles and weapons.

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    @emeraldminer299 Thanks a lot for reporting! I will fix that with the next update.

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    @Marco8866 Thanks a lot! It's a nice suggestion. I will consider to make a mod about it. Sounds intersting.

    2022. augusztus 5.
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    @Masonreiss you can use Forever Together as a bodyguard mod. It works very well. You can order the partner to wait, attack and so on.
    Thanks for the rating!

    2022. augusztus 2.
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    @Matthew Liddell Hmm, maybe I can come up with something about the Epsilon Program. Thanks for the suggestion!

    2022. július 23.
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    @KydTheKid Thanks a lot for your rating and suggestion! I tried to recreate the feeling of working for a mob and the "on duty/off duty" I think would be out of line.My other mod "The Gang" lets you call the contact whenever you feel doing a mission.
    @DanielTheDuncan It is supposed to be like that for now.

    2022. július 15.
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    @Rock1999 The update is quite "fresh" (came out some weeks ago) and includes a new mission and some improvements but the mod here is already enjoyable :)

    2022. július 12.
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    @DeadLegends1984 I think you can achieve something similar with my other mod "Roleplay Menu". You can start dancing pretty easily whenever you want with that one (even though the dance style is a bit random).

    2022. június 29.
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    @Mekh Thanks, last time (long ago actually) when I tried LemonUI it didn't statisfy my needs besides NativeUI it's still working great. Maybe one day I can consider to use that one but for now everything's working pretty smoothly.
    @Yuri_Satria Please read again the description, fishing is not included in this version, sorry. I suggest to watch the gameplay video I made where I explain a lot of stuff :)

    2022. június 27.
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    @DeadLegends1984 Hi, sorry but there is no way that this mod is the cause of that problem. I didn't touch the radar nor the health, armor or ability bars. There is something else that messed those things up. To uninstall this mod you have only to delete the Dealien_HungerSleep.dll file, that's all.
    Just in case you want to play with it again remember you can always slow things down in the Dealien_HungerSleep.ini so that you don't have to keep up and have too much pressure :)
    Thanks for tha rating by the way, I would really like to help but as I said it's not this mod here the guilty one.

    2022. június 25.