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Join the Lost MC and become a centaur with the wind between your hairs. I had to add a third chapter after "The Mob" and "The Gang" that would fit Trevor and now there it is.
Joining The Club and starting a job is only possible when at the hideout and on a fitting motorcycle (Avarus, Hexer, Zombie, Gargoyle etc..).
The hideout has a blip in the same style of my other mods (The Mob, The Gang, The Agency).

The jobs will be picked randomly and after a specific one is done there is a real time cool down of 15 mins (configurable in the Patron version).
While in the Club there will be chances of being attacked by the Cyan Saints, a brand new motorcycle club rival of the Lost

My mods usually don't "hold your hand". There are not unnecessary blips and if you fail a job you will lose mostly the half of the reward. Expect to lose missions and money eventually. This one in particular is maybe aimed to "expert players" as for now the missions are not that easy to complete.
Sometimes you can be creative, try to think out of the box! Some other times you may feel you are waiting for too long but something will most likely happen (like when waiting for a truck to pass by etc...) just give it time.

If you fail a job, you won't be able to start immediately another one (there is a 10 minutes cooldown, configurable in the Patron version).
If you leave The Club you'll have to wait 10 minutes before you can join again (configurable in the Patron version).

As always i try to create an immersive and semi-randomized mod to give an high replayability experience.


Recommended Mods (optional):

- The Mob
- The Gang
- The Agency
- Forever Together (a lot of possibilities, including doing jobs and stuff together with a partner!)
- Roleplay Menu (To dance, drink, smoke etc.. as you please and to have an immersive experience. Trailer here)


ATTENTION! If you plan to use "LS Life" along with my mods there will be high chances of conflicts and errors (that's because LS Life changes a lot of Peds and other things around indiscriminately)

Requirements and How to Install:

Script Hook V

Put the files in your GTAV scripts folder.

For the Patron version an more awesome stuff here is my Patreon page:
Visit patreon.com/dealien

Please do not distribute or re-upload my mods

v1.0 : Release
v1.0.1 : Adjusted for the version 3.4.0 of ScriptHookVDotNet
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