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This script hides/displays the special ability bar depending on wheter the current character or vehicle has a special ability or not.

How it works
- Playing as a character without a special ability will make it so that the bar will be hidden.
- Entering a vehicle with a special ability (while the bar is hidden) will make it display again (and exiting the vehicle will make it hide again).

- If the bar is hidden and the screen gets refreshed (by alt tabbing to the dekstop or changing a graphic setting) will result in the bar to display again. To fix this, change the character to Michael, Franklin or Trevor and then back to the desired one.
- If you use the Character Swap script, set "Bar Always Hidden" to true in "HideSpecialAbilityBar.ini".
- If you use the Simple Native Trainer and enable the vehicle's nitro option, then there might be conflict for the ability bar between the two mods.

Script Hook V .NET.

Move "HideSpecialAbilityBar.cs" and "HideSpecialAbilityBar.ini" in the "scripts" folder. In order to hide the bar regardless of the character model, set "Bar Always Hidden" to true in "HideSpecialAbilityBar.ini".

Special Thanks
alloc8or for the Native DB.

Removed the code to disable/lock the special abilities as there's some conflict with the ability bar when reloading the scripts.
Changed the native function back to "_SET_PLAYER_IS_IN_DIRECTOR_MODE" since the one from the b1493 doesn't "work" properly when switching back to a character with a special ability.
Changed the way the bar is hidden manually. Setting "Bar Always Hidden" to true in "HideSpecialAbilityBar.ini" will hide the bar regardless of the character model (with or without a special ability) and it's also compatible with the Character Swap script.
Updated both the script and ini.
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