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This script let's you use the diving motion animation instead of the default ones
How it works: if you wear the scuba flippers while playing as a supported character (check below for a list of supported characters) and swim underwater the diving motion will be enabled
Note: in case you want to use with whatever other (not) supported character use instead the "Enable with cheat code version"

Supported Characters:
MP characters
Steve Haines (both ig and cs model)
Dave Norton (both ig and cs model)
SP Heist crew gunmam
theNGclan Niko player mod

Script Hook V NET

Move DivingMotion.cs in the scripts folder
Note: if you use the first version, in game, open the cheat box and type enabledivingmotion to enable the anim. To disable it, open the cheat box and type disabledivingmotion

Added a notification when enabling/disabling the diving motion with the "Enable with cheat code" version of the script
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