Diving Motion 2.0

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This script activates the "alternative" animations for swimming underwater (used in the mission "Monkey Business").
The animations are activated only when wearing scuba flippers (a trainer is required to equip them) and with a specific set of characters (but there's an option to extend this to other characters too).

Supported character models:
- Michael.
- Franklin.
- Trevor.
- MP Freemode female and male.
- Steve Haines.
- Dave Northon.
- The gunman ("h_c_gunman") from the heist missions.
- Niko Bellic.

Script Hook V .NET.

Move "DivingMotion.cs" and "DivingMotion.ini" in the "scripts" folder. In order to activate the animations with any other character model, set "Global Animations" to true in "DivingMotion.ini".

Special Thanks:
alloc8or for the Native DB.

Removed the code realted to the MP characters scuba gear light as it doesn't work properly and the light doesn't render in the Rockstar Editor.
Changed the way the animations are applied to "non supported" characters. Setting "Global Animations" in the ini to true will make it so that any character model will use these animations. Note: the "supported" models will still be tied to the scuba flippers check.
Updated "DivingMotion.cs", "DivingMotion.ini" and the installation instructions.
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