Safe Robbery (Outdated) 1.1

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The script works but I won't work on it anymore, but I'll see in the future

I would like you to know, so I would be happy for any help it's just a simple script

(So far, there is only one store, but when I can update the mod. But in the meantime, I might go to work on another script)

Install Instructions:
Download the script hook v put it in the main gta 5 folder, and download the newer script hook vdonet and move SafeRobbery.dll and SafeRobbery.pdb and
give the file into gta 5 scripts and in gta 5 need to press numpad 1 to start mission.

Version 1.0 - Release Script

Version 1.1 - Fix flying blip (Thanks @HKH191 to helps to me with fix the script)

Known Bug: none

Random Money when you rob safe

Script Hook V
Script Hook VDot v2

NOTE: This is my first script and so don't get mad if there's a bug, and if you have a question, write to my discord ( discord.gg/invite/hxBBr3bwka )

Credits Thanks @HKH191 to helps to me with fix the script

@Credits danistheman262 that he does tutorials and that helped me
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