Executive Business 2.8 (Controller Support Update)


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Sell Vehicles to earn money
Worse : Instant sell, but low gain, no risk
Better : have to drive vehicle to Combined storage lot, High Gain, 4 star wanted level
Now its time to make billions! this update adds the: Arcadius Office, Lombank Office and Maze Bank West Office, all with their own separate gun locker and money vault!

also added is sub business to make you more money, each tower has their own separate sub business as well!

You want to make Lots and lots of money right? Well of course you do! Introducing the Executive Business mod the ultimate expansion to Grand Theft Auto 5, this mod adds in a CEO-like business into single player, now either Franklin, Micheal or Trevor can turn millions into billions

so head over to the maze bank with your chosen character , and purchase the business for $1,000,000 enter the white marker with E (can be changed in ini)
when your in the office head over to the red marker to start making some money

Sub Properties
Vehicle Warehouse
Aircraft Storage Lot
Storage Lot (Cars)
Boat Storage
Sub Properties no longer need to be puchased

Sub Businesses
Narcotics: $2,250,000
Gemstones: : $3,000,000
Munitions: $2,750,000

Missions Available 1.0

Source a Vehicle: Source Any vehicle for money, Difficulty Easy, Requirements: Vehicle Warehouse, getting the vehicle to the vehicle ware house rewards double money! :), Profit Gain: High

Supply Runs: Take specified, Air. Land or Sea vehicle to the designated storage lot, Difficulty: Easy, Requirements: All Storage Lots (Depending on the mission)

Asset Recovery: Steal a military vehicle back to its designated storage lot.Difficulty: Medium, Requirements: All Storage Lots (Depending on the mission), Profit Gain: HIgh

Destroy Target: Destroy a target, to boost product production, Difficulty: Medium, Profit Gain: Low

Convoy: Destroy a highly armed convoy to dramatically increase production, Difficulty: Hard, Profit Gain: High,

Gun Locker with Mk2 Customisation $1,000,000
Money Vault:: $450,000

Install :
Download NativeUI and Scripthookvdotnet
Drop The Folder, the dll and Open60cargarage.ini into scripts folder

Required Mods
Online Interiors
Open All Interiors
Added Controller Support
added Support for Saving Arena War Cars/modifications
added new way of selling stock
fixed Crash on exiting with a vehicle from garage and entering with the same vehicle
fixed suspension, window tint, fuel tank, and a couple other modifications from not saving
fixed gunlocker normal weapons from not giving the correct weapon
added special missions
added Expatriot and Electrical Discharge to Special missions
added show balance to money vault
fixed gunlocker and other things not loading due to missing [CONFIGURATIONS] in ini file
fixed bugs
combined all Gunlocker, Subbusiness and Money Vault scripts
fixed issues with player not being able to do a vehicle sourcing mission
fixed issues with saving a car into a garage (again)
fixed Lombok office not loading in due to error in SetupMarker()
fixed player not spawning into garage after saving a vehicle into a garage
fixed vehicle saving into Slot 4B when Selected Slot 4C
fixed Warehouse Compatibility With LCC Business mod's Warehouse (Coming Soon)
2.2 added new Import/Export Missions
added CEO Mod Shop to customise cars
Added Working Import/Export Garage, store and sell up to 20 vehicles, purchase all 8 of the Special vehicles, included in the Import/Export DLC
Fixed buggy Sub Businesses
Fixed Buccaneer, Buccaneer Custom, Carbonizarre from not being able to be saved
bug fixes
added working import export garage with space for 20 cars
added underground area in Vehicle warehouse to store all 8 special vehicles included in Import/Export DLC
2,0b (60 car garage update)
added 60 car garage for all towers
combined all Storage Lots, Aircraft Storages, Car Garages, and Boat docks into one combined storage
reworked payment method for annual gain
reworked upgrade prices based on new payment

Redid Payment method. now has a fixed increase value based on your business level
changed cost of upgrades based on new payment method
fixed player not being able to enter office if purchase level was greater than 1
fixed office not purchaseing
added Expanded Vehicle Sourcing
Added Military drop off
fixed notification of mission failed when just completed a mission sucesfully

Added Office Customisation
Fixed Supply runs spawning 2 vehicles instead of 1
added ability to sleep (advances game time 6 hours but does not save)
made all biips short range

added Lombok Office
added Arcadius Office
added Maze bank west Office
added sub Businesses
fixed no payout on assassination missions
fixed assassination missions not ending
added more random events
fixed profit value not saving to ini on max profit
fixed no payout on Destroy buzzard random event
fixed payment method giving incorrect amount of money (too much)
added first works of random events (steal a Armoured Kuruma or destroy a buzzard attack chopper or a Savage)
Capped Max profit at $100 Million
intitial release
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