Back to the Future Mod 0.6

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For my first mod, I have simply added the ability for you to transport in time via a special vehicle, the Space Docker. Once you reach the set speed, you will be transported into a random time. In the future, I will add the ability to enter an exact time and date to transport to.


  • Open source! Link below.
  • Scenery (kinda) refreshes, AKA peds/vehicles respawn.

  • You can now press "Z" to toggle the mod.

  • Added ability to customize the time in which you will transport to


Place the dll in the scripts folder that is created by ScriptHookVDotNet

  1. Press "Z" to toggle the mod on and off.
  2. Get into a Space Docker.
  3. Press O to toggle the time circuit editing.
  4. Up and down arrow keys change the hour.
  5. Left and right arrow keys change the minute.

Coming Soon:
  • Custom keys for toggling the mod and the edit mode
  • Fire trails and sparks at front of vehicle
  • Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.

Due to some [insert vulgar word here] putting malware in their modifications, I have decided to keep this project open source from here on out. The modding community of GTA V PC shouldn't have to worry about malware, so this should be a step that all mod developers take.

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