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Hello! This is my Hitman mod for Grand Theft Auto V. The idea is pretty simple, you are a hitman/assassin and will be assigned a target to murder. Depending on the target you will receive a reward from $150 - $70,000. There are 10 different possible targets, some will be armed.

How To Use

Once installed, press "F12" once in game.

How To Install

1) Download the file
2) Extract "Hitman.cs"
3) Place "Hitman.cs" inside a folder named "scripts" in your main GTA V directory
4) Install ScriptHookVDotNet & ScriptHookV

Known Bugs

- Occasionally a new target will not spawn, this will require you to restart the game.
- One of the possible targets has guards, but they do not follow him yet.

Coming Soon

- Configurable .ini
- Increased Difficulty
- More difficult, higher reward.
- Armed Guards
- Witnesses


Please Report any Bugs to me. Developers, source code can be found here : http://pastebin.com/7AziCHtP

Virus Scan : https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/c20574e54dc8c57f299cfbbba81f03a29d7d17488e26530dbd22cd7f487e84c3/analysis/1433077916/
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