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This mod removes Trevor's wrinkles, gives him hair and (arguably) perfects his complexion, while preserving the game's authenticity as to (again, arguably) not break immersion, and helps those who like Trevor but think his face looks like an abstract painting because of all the goddamn lines enjoy their play experience. Basically, this mod makes Trevor look younger.

New Features in 2.0:
• Multiple Eye Color Options
• Higher Resolution for Skin, Hair and Eyebrows
• Freckles are now optional, but the textures with freckles isn't high res yet

Features i will add soon:
• Multiple Hair Color Options
• Body, Clothing and Hand Retextures
• Many more options involving wrinkles, imperfections, hair and beard features, body features, skin features, and much more!

There is more to come! I'm glad that people are enjoying this mod i spent like 10 minutes on lol. Thanks for the support, and i appreciate all criticism.

How to Install:

[Head Model]
1. Download OpenIV if you haven't already
2. Backup your stuff if you haven't already
3. Create a mods folder if you haven't already
4. Go to: mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/mppatchesng/dlc.rpf/x64/models/cdimages/mppatches.rpf/player_two
5. Put head_000_r.ydd into the said location

[Beard Textures, Hands Model and Textures, Head Textures and Teeth]
1. Go to: mods/x64v.rpf/models/cdimages/streamedpeds_players.rpf/player_two
2. Put the (head, teef and hand) files into the said location

[You could use just the head model and use your own textures to just remove the really apparent wrinkles, or vice-versa]

I assigned the mod's textures to the vanilla ones, so if you get a haircut ingame it should be right, but i still recommend you use a trainer to change between textures, hairs and stuff. I personally use Menyoo, but you can use
whatever trainer you'd like.

I don't know how to model hair, so i mostly just leave the head model and texture itself and go along with that. If you find a hair model that you enjoy, go ahead and use it, i personally recommend ChunkyYaBoi's hairs, and any other of his models (i would link you to his user page but i don't know how).

If you'd like to retexture my mod, feel free to do so, as long as you credit me somewhere in the mod page (The same goes for using it in screenshots).

If you find any bugs or know of any ways to improve my mod please tell me them in the comments, i'll try to answer them all and do my best to improve my mod in every way i know, even though i don't know that many ways, considering i'm not a professional, or good at these things.

I'll try to put out more stuff if i see people are enjoying the current stuff.

In the screenshots i used (and mods i recommend):
jedijosh920's Ingame Screenshot
Pr0tikk's Trevor look pack
ChunkyYaBoi's and RoGun's hairs
ChunkyYaBoi's clothing mods
ChunkyYaBoi's michael beard to trevor mod
glennoconnell's New Glasses for Michael
And a couple other clothing mods that were either removed or i just can't remember.

If you own any of the mods shown in the screenshots and have a problem with it being there please tell me and i will remove them.

Thank you!
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