Alice Shoes for MP Female 1.0

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Alice Shoes

Original creator: Charonlee


- All 3 LOD's
- 26 colour swatches
- Enhanced textures
- Recommended Durty Cloth Tool settings included
- Ethically converted and edited by STRUT


Single player (not recommended):

- Open OpenIV and enable Edit mode
- Drag and drop files to mpclothes DLC pack, changing numbers in their file name if they are overlapping with files that you've already gotten

Get mpclothes here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/mpclothes-addon-clothing-slots


- Open Durty Cloth Tool and create a new project/use your existing one
- Put the shoes files into any folder
- Import files from that folder

Join our Discord for more ethically converted pieces and clothes that will make you want to strut: https://discord.gg/ka83aAeuDY

We have opened our Ko-fi store, where you can purchase converted pieces and instantly download them!
If you are interested, feel free to visit: https://ko-fi.com/strut/shop
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