Los Angeles County Bus Pack

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the Los Santos bus is spoof Los Angeles metro buses

Go copy files with OpenIV on to:
GTA V\x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\
in edit mode replace:


go to replace folder to install

Replace files in this archive with the ones in

Read me for liveries

The ytd and yft file the liveries installs
lacmta and la country buses

* Los Angeles Metro Local (Orange/grey)
* Los Angeles Metro Express (Blue/grey)
* Los Angeles Metro Rapid (Red/grey)
* * Los Angeles Metro Classic (White/yellow)
* Los Angeles Metro Rapid (Red/White)
* Metro Silver Line Silver/Grey
* Santa Monica Big Blue Bus (Blue/White)

V 4.5
added Metro Liner
For The Light Rail
The Mod Replacing the standard metro trains textures to new.
Replaces: metrotrain.ytd, metrotrain + hi.ytd, vehshare_truck.ytd
Full description in the archive.

V2 Final.
Added Texture with Los Angeles
Improved all trxtures quality for low PCs

V 5.0
Added Long Beach Transit
Edited the Culver City bus Livery
Added Easy version in Extras

Added Santa Clarita livery

V 6.0 fixed Metro train issue added new liveries ladot dash and added new banner for big blue bus
Changed the name of the texture. If you made your own, you should change the name. and you dont need have the meta file

To multiple liveries you need change name to texture from israelsr_sign_1 to israelsr_sign_2, ...sign_3, etc.
(I've done the test with 5 different and it worked, I do not know what the limit.) The windows only support one. The textures must place in bus.ytd.
To change livery, you can spawn bus with some of the script / trainers that are available, you can use Simple Trainer and go to Vehicle Options, Livery Menu.

V 5.5
Fixed the train and metro express and liner livery issue and made meta a addon and without meta replace file
I hope you'll like it :)

v 6.5
added 4th metro express livery and fixed metro liner issue
for meta
. Open update/update.rpf in OpenIV. Common/data import 'dlclist.xml', 'extratitleupdatedata.meta',


fixed liner and express issue

Update.rpf/dlc_patch add folder Bus

v.6.7 brought back modified vehicles. meta

modified meta file is to change liveries

added new seats and made new ads in the bus
and I'm sad to report that this is the last version of this skin pack due to concerns installing 1 livery and meta files messed up
Added real pictures and more bus numbers for 5 liverys
added different led lights
added read me and text files

10.0 in honor of my anniversary for 1st year i finally improved and redesign the bus liveries. with new seats and new interiors and ads and i have a add template so this will be compatible for gta 5 redux. and old spice life like textures.
thank you for installing this skin pack and thank you for riding Metro

use read me for vehicles. meta
and readme for modified vehicles.meta
Model; Rockstar Games
UVmapped; israelsr
Skin Dannybus
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