Singer Pose Pack #1

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What's this
Hi! It's my other animations pack I'm sharing with you all.

Features and bugs
It's animation pack containing 5 different poses suiting for various photos you'd like to take.
There aren't any know bugs yet so if you find one please report it to me!

Installation instructions
- open Open IV or Codewalker RPF Explorer
- navigate to Grand Theft Auto V -> mods -> update -> x64 -> dlcpacks -> patchday4ng -> dlc.rpf -> x64 -> anim -> ingame -> clip anim@.rpf
- put all .ycd files into clip anim@.rpf
- close Open IV
- copy and paste animations from read me.txt into your Menyoo FavouriteAnims.xml

I'm the only and one creator of these poses
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