Location For All GTA Characters [Map Editor] 1.2


All Storyline Characters Location by LibertyGamer-47.

This is a simple Map Mod that allows you to visit Storyline Characters, or kill them if you want. The Map is not finished yet! So in the next update I will add other characters to pay a visit.

- Lester Crest
- David Norton
- Gerald
- Michelle and Edward Fortune (U.L Paper Contact)
- Wade Hebert
- Solomon Richards
- Niko Bellic (As a bonus)
- Cris Formage
- Claude Speed (As a bonus)

About Characters

If Lester isn't hacking something, he's taking a sleep. You can visit him in his house. He's harmless, so if you attack him, he will run away or fighting back.

Working too much is boring, so Dave went outside to smoke. His blue car is also next to him, you can steal it with no problems. But if you aim at him with a weapon, he will take his gun and begun to shot you.

Yes! The old friend of Lamar and the Online Character (You), he was bored and he decided to take a smoke, remembering the old good days. Unlike Dave, he's armed with a Micro SMG, and if you attack him he will shot you quickly.

The Whore from the goverment (As Niko Bellic used to call her), She is drinking her coffee along with two guards in the IAA Building. She doesn't have a gun and she will be running away if you attack or point a gun at her,
but her guards will be armed real good. One will be armed with a gun and the other with a Pump Shotgun.

U.L Paper Contact
The man who helped Niko, and the probably boss of the IAA Agency. He will be smoking in his office watching TV. He's armed with a Automatic 9mm, and he will not doubt to shot you in the second he see you pointing a weapon at his head.

If he's not in the Stripclub getting caressed by two strippers, he will be in the back of the Gas Station alongside of Trevor's caravane, smoking weed. Like Lester and Michelle, he's unarmed and he will be running away if you point a gun at him.

The movie director, Solomon Richards. As he said ''I used to had three secretaries, now I have to make my own coffee and get myself a happy ending'', Now he's drinking a coffee looking at the city. He's unarmed, so if you hit him, he will fight back, or run.

Niko Bellic
The protagonist of the predecessor of GTA 5, he has return from Liberty City, to live the american dream. He got the Infernus that Bryce and Florian (Bernie as he wants to be called) gived him, he's also one of the most dangerous characters in he Map Mod. He's armed with a M4 Carabine, so if you attack or threath him he will begin to shot you.

Cris Formage
The leader of the Epsilon Program, the man who has sleeped with more than 8 women, The man who can destroy or create careers. Cris Formage!!
He will be drinking coffee in the roof of the Epsilon mansion, watching the city. He's the dangerous character of all in this mod. He's armed with a Railgun, and if you are slow enough. You will be flying to pieces.

Claude Speed
The silent killer from LC.... Like Niko Bellic, he has traveled from LC but not to live the american dream, rather to rest in the city. He just buy a new Kuruma, painted in gray. He's armed real good, just like Niko, he will have an AK, and if you attack him, he will shot you to death.

1.0: Initial Release
1.1: Added more characters and improved locations
1.2: Added Claude Speed and improved some characters position.

Necessary/Recommended tools

Map Editor by Guadmaz
Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/map-editor

Open All Interiors by NewTheft
Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/open-all-interiors

MP Parent Protagonists Pack by me
Link: https://es.gta5-mods.com/player/mp-parent-protagonists-pack

- Put the file ''allchar'' in your Main GTA V Directory.
- Load the file with Map Editor
- Enjoy

Sometimes the guards will be shooting each other like they were enemies, this only happens when you attack or draw a gun at them.

This Map Mod only features characters who survived to the game and the GTA series, or determinant characters. Don't ask me if you want to see Johnny Klebitz, Agent Sanchez or another deceased character.

Niko Bellic will have no legs and hands, I will fix this with an uncoming pack I will release soon.

In the next update I will add Claude Speed too.

Easter Eggs
Go to the Laptop of Michelle, there's an Easter Egg that will maybe give you nostalgia.

Hope you all like it!!
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