[MLO] Grove Street Garage Upgrades Interior and exterior upgrades v4


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V4 I've changed the interior and removed the peyote and 4 post lift, in it's place is now a custom paint booth. Change the arrangement of many of the items around the paint booth and added some things. Fixed the collision of the desk so now the peds do not bug out if you kill them near it. Added many new things to the back lot, some more clutter and a custom wash station, also added trees to the back lot and a few around the building. If you already have v3.3 or 3.3df and want the new changes, the only thing you will need to install is the new dlcpack. The receptionist files and the mplowrider files have not changed. One thing to note about the paint booth doors, it opens sooner for you when you are in a vehicle than when you are on foot. On foot you have to be somewhat in the center and fairly close. I made it so you could walk around most vehicles and not have the door open all the time.

** If you do not want the paint booth interior but do want the exterior upgrades, download v4 and take the GroveStreetGarageUpgrades21 ymap from the scentral_metadata.rpf located at this path ... mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/sc1_21_roundred_interior/dlc.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/_citye_scentral_01/scentral_metadata.rpf and place it into the same path in the v3.3-df dlcpack. You then need to open the manifest in that path of v4 and copy and paste the info shown in the pic in the following link, and put it in place of the manifest info that is there for the GroveStreetGarageUpgrades20 ymap that is there for v3.3-df ... https://i.imgur.com/A8FPKtp.jpg

This will be the last version of this mlo unless I magically figure out scenarios in a mlo or navmesh creation becomes a thing. I have other projects in the works I'm trying to get finished for release and trying to not make continual changes to those as well.

v3.3df I just defragmented the folder so the dlcpack rpf is smaller. If you installed v3.3, you do not need to download v3.3df, you can just use OpenIV to defrag the folder. The option is under the File tab in OpenIV then just add the folder and click defrag. Thanks to ReNNie and Reyser for letting me know it needs to be done and how to do it.

v3.3 This version is now contained in one single dlcpack with only one file to add externally for adding the specific receptionist if you want her. Added more things to the back exterior so it isn't so empty if you don't have your own cars there. Added a bench and ashtray/trash bin by the front door. Added a roll up door for the back garage door and changed the LS Custom front garage door to a more generic one. Made the office and receptionist chairs static so they don't bug out when moved into the desks. Made it so one specific girl will spawn at the receptionist desk if you do choose to install that one file. All instructions based on how your game might be set up are included in their folder.

** If you have v3.2 installed, you will need to delete the v3.2 dlcpack and delete the exterior ymap upgrade from the custom_maps folder. If you used the OIV installer and you do not have any other mods or edits to the files in the following list of folders or rpfs, you can simply delete the dlcpacks and rpfs from the mods folder that were added through the OIV installer. mpheist3, mpheist, mplowrider, patchday1ng, patchday2ng, x64a.rpf, x64i.rpf, x64k.rpf, x64m.rpf ... *only delete those from the mods folder if they were added through my oiv installer and you have no other mods or edits inside them* If you did the manual installation and have other mods that edited files within those folders or rpfs, but didn't modify the same files as mine did, you will just need to replace my modded files with the vanilla ones you have.

** If you play with MP maps enabled either through Simple Trainer or Enable All Interiors, you will have to simply add the few files I've provided in this download to the mplowrider dlcpack in your mods folder. This is so everything with the mod shows up like it should, I've tried to get this aspect to work within my dlcpack but can't. I have only tested enabling mp maps using the two methods and have had no issues, if you use a different method and run into an issue please let me know. I originally intended to include an edited mplowrider dlcpack so people could just install that without the need to move my files into the dlcpack, but it is too large to upload, so that part of the instructions is incorrect.

Issues: Don't persistence save cars on top of the drive on lifts, for some reason they spawn in half off the lift when you start the game. I haven't had an issue saving them on the sloped part of the lifts though.

You are allowed to modify this interior for your own personal game, just do not reupload it anywhere. You can use this in your FiveM or AltV server, just give credit for my hard work.

A big thank you to the modders that came before me that made this possible for all of us. Thanks to those that make the tools that make it possible for us to do what we do.

- A big thanks to Modifiver for helping me get the receptionist to spawn in as the same girl each time but with different clothing options.

_ Dekurwinator for his tutorials and for sharing his knowledge.

-Neos7 Great tool to have for use in 3DS Max - https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/gta-v-map-helper-maxscript

-Dexyfex For making CodeWalker https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/codewalker-gtav-interactive-3d-map]

-3Doomer For GIMS Evo, necessary for working in 3ds - https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/gims-evo-with-gta-v-support

-SkyLumz This is just one of his many useful tools and there are also some tutorials on the forum. - https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/dlc-pack-creator

You now have seamless access to your helipad, secured parking lot with custom gate, and new mlo garage interior so there is no rain inside! Can sit in any of the chairs or the bench, tested using Simple Trainer by Sjaak.
No need for MapEditor or Menyoo, no missing props or object, nothing disappears, cars stay where you put them ... just play and enjoy!
My first mod, this is still a Work In Progress. My learning testbed if you will.

** I've had fun using these two mods made by Hunk during testing. Sell Used Cars and buy Second Hand Autos. Find them here.
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