Beta Vegetation & Props 9.4

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This mod tries to restore, with as much attention to details as possible, all the vegetation and props that were removed during the development of the game. Also, a few car generators and scenarios are included (info included in "Misc.txt").
Everything is based on the old gen version promotional material (screens, trailers), game files (textures, tv shows / commercials), development / portfolios screens and some other misc stuff (like the RGSC checklist pictures / thumbnails).

Compatible maps:
Forests of Chiliad.
Forests of San Andreas.
GTA V Remastered.
Not Enough Palm.
GTA V Revamped.

Mods folder.
fwBoxStreamerVariable Patch.
Modified gameconfig.xml.
Script Hook V .NET. Note: required only for the script.

Move the "betavegprops" folder in "mods\update\x64\dlcpacks" and add "<Item>dlcpacks:/betavegprops/</Item>" to the "dlclist.xml".
Optional: move "BVPMapCompatibility.cs" and "BVPMapCompatibility.ini" in the "scripts" folder. Edit "BVPMapCompatibility.ini" to configure the compatibility between the various supported maps.

Special Thanks
All the people that contributed to the GTA V Beta Hunt topic on GTAForums for all the findings.
dexyfex for Codewalker.
The OpenIV Team for OpenIV.
3Doomer for GIMS Evo.
Neos7 for the GTA V Map Helper.
Dekurwinator for this tutorial.

Fixed a wrongly linked palm LOD at Downtown. Thanks to MaxLuk for finding the issue.
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