Steyr AUG A1 1.1 (With Addon Version)

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Credits: DICE
License: CC Attribution
Thanks for the commission by TomtanaOrden

This weapon got two versions:
Version 1: With grip down
Version 2: with grip up

More Stuff: On the Discord Server

If there are any bugs, please report it in the comment section

The Steyr AUG (German: Armee-Universal-Gewehr, lit. 'army universal rifle') is an Austrian bullpup assault rifle chambered for the 5.56×45mm NATO intermediate cartridge, designed in the 1960s by Steyr-Daimler-Puch, and now manufactured by Steyr Arms GmbH & Co KG.

2K textures
Lined Up Iron sight
Correct hand placement

-- Replaces advanced rifle (If you want an addon version, let me know) --

Version 1.1:
- Added addon version for both variants

Version 1.0:
- Release
Installation [FiveM_Replace]:

Drag and drop the "AUG_A1" folder somewhere in your folder hierarchy on your server and now go to the server.cfg and add a new line called "ensure AUG_A1".

Ingame you can spawn your weapon with the name "weapon_advancedrifle"

I recommend to use a command to give you the weapon or vMenu
Installation Single Player:

Place the weapon files in

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