Incendiary Landmines and Incendiary GL 1.0


Do you like to burn, Weapons for burning are here.
Incendiary Landmines
You can choose from 3 types.
Proximity fuze.
Remote fuze.
Proximity fuze and Remote fuze.
Incendiary GL
Thumper for burning from a distance.

It's time to burn!

-See the Readme for the installation path.
-Incendiary Landmines replaces PIPEBOMB.
-Both use the PIPEBOMB effect.
-Due to the nature of GTAV, it may not ignite at a point of impact that is too far away.

-Be sure to back up the replaced files.
-It may not work in future official updates.

-Please use SimpleTrainer etc. to obtain it.
-Get Incendiary GL ammunition from Simple Trainer, etc. Ammo may not be available from drop weapons.

-The enclosed model file is an official AP mine, so you can
replace it with [flying bulletzzz's M18 Claymore].

-Please comment on the bugs related to this mod.
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