Tremors Pack for Carface's J-200 1.5

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Get the truck here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/1965-jeep-gladiator-j-200
Heavy dirt/rust effect from screenshots:https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/raider-s-rust-buckets

Version 1.5 updates the paintjob to match the movie correct dual mirrors and stock steel wheels with no hubcaps by moving the grime to the correct spot for the mirrors and removing the white letters from the tires. I didn't even know these options were available at first because they weren't mentioned in the mods description or shown in it's screenshots.
The porno pics on the visor have also been changed to pics of Val's ex girlfriend Tammy Lynn Baxter just like the movie and Trevor's nasty post it notes have been changed to reminders for Val and Earl.
Downward suspension travel has also been slightly increased for more realistic offroading/rock crawling.
The menyoo spooner files included have also been updated to spawn the truck with the new pics, proper color dash, proper wheels and proper mirrors to ensure you can spawn the truck as "screen accurate" as possible. Unfortunately I still haven't figured out how to make Earl spawn with a beard yet. Any help with that would be appreciated!

In celebration of Tremors 30th anniversary this year I bring you a Tremors overhaul pack for Carface's Jeep Gladiator J200!

Matte "ice white" is the color this livery was made for, I put a lot of effort into screen accurate letter placement and overall weathering for this texture so enjoy, Tremors fans!

This pack includes a highly screen accurate Tremors paintjob, Menyoo props and peds from the film, more accurate stance and ride height for the truck in the film, proper engine sound and some handling edits for more realistic behavior. For example the rear end is now lighter than the front end as a pickup should be and it has a generally heavier feel. Torque has also been increased to better represent the trucks low gears and high torque. It now has more than enough torque to rip out a Graboids tongue! Deformation has also been lowered quite a bit, I couldn't turn it down far enough to make the heavy duty factory optional rear bumper realistic without the thing falling off for no reason so this is as good as it can get without turning it off completely or getting Zmodeler working again and editing the model. GreenAid did an excellent job on this trucks handling this time! I only had to make a couple of minor edits so he deserves some credit for the original handling I started with.

Menyoo spooner files are included that let you spawn the truck in the proper color with a fire extinguisher mounted on the side and/or a load of stuff in the back as seen in the video along with optional Val and Earl look alike peds. Unfortunately I can't find out how to make Earl spawn with his beard but you can add his beard yourself if you know how.

Tremors.xml spawns the truck with the proper color, full dirt, bed mounted fire extinguisher and loaded bed.
TremorsExtOnly.xml spawns the same but minus the loaded bed.
TremorsExtOnlyPeds.xml Spawns the same but with the Val and Earl look alike peds from the video and screenshots.
TremorsPeds.xml Spwans the truck with the proper color, full dirt, bed mounted fire extinguisher, loaded bed and Val and Earl. To become one of the peds you must select them with menyoo, select ped options and select the "soulsteal/become this ped" option. After you become Val or Earl you will need to recruit the other as your bodyguard with Menyoo or a trainer.

I could have uploaded this all separetely but I felt it was less headache for everyone to incorporate it into one simple page and download.

To install this paintjob, handling and sound replace
handling.meta and vehicles.meta located in
the "data" section of Carface's J200 dlc pack
with the files provided. To install the menyoo extras
place the provided .xml documents in GTAV\menyooStuff\Spooner
To install handling for the replace version you must locate and open
handling.meta in GTAV\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data and replace
the provided data.
If you want the right sound for the replace version then you must
open vehicles.meta located in GTAV\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5
find the Mesa and change the audio name hash to Warrener.

Thanks for downloading.
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