SURFER CCC [Add-On | Tuning | Car Pack | Template] 1.1

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by Ydrop
3d : player 1, player 2
meta : player 2
handling : vanilla surfer
2d creation : player 3, player 2
lore : player 3

"Surfin USAAAAA ! :notes:
There is no piece of steel that should have been more American than this BF Surfer. But this beauty isn't and stays as one of the most popular German's car in the world.
To remember this great time when BF and Nordrhein made this van, they decide to push it to it's limit.
Who needs one car when you can have one + one + one + one + one + one + one + ... ( we lost the count so many time we decide to estimate it to infinite combinations). Well, the craziness of this combo-combi-camper offers you the choice to make it the piece of crap you always dream of.

Well ! No...

before anything :
/!\ read te "read me first" ! very very important file !!!
/!\ never change rims of trailer, you may crash. use them carefully sometime "spawn in" make game crash.
/!\ always apply roof categorie at the end of your tuning. quite heavy options, may make other option not showing if applyed after.
/!\ spawn formulbee at your own risk

holes you can see on preview pict are already filled

instal :
past "surferd" folder in "mods / update / x64 / dlcpack"
add "dlcpacks:/surferd/" in "mods / update / update / common / data / dlclist.xml"

this mod contain :

more than 230 custom pieces, fully reworked modeles, 11 surfer variation, 2 trailers
- windows wont break gonna be fixed, i've juste dont have a look on this for now.
-front light dont break too, some tricky tricks have been made for the light tuning option so...
- template.. at first this mods was an all in one1 templates for all, be carefull. at least the rear box of surffirbox isn't mapped !

- Surferd : the main part, a civilian Surfer
- Surferdfir : firetruck working version of this surfer (only one simple set of decal, feel free to made your, or send me some)
- Surferdpol : police working version of this surfer (only 2 simple set of decal, same as the firetruck, feel free to made your, or send me some)

they share the same modkit so ys you can have roofrack on fire and police surfer.. juste dont use theme if you dont want theme.

there is also :

- surfcab : pickup version, got it's own modkit and a surf as extra
- surfdcab : double cabin pick up version, got it's own modkit too
- surfcamper : a camper version of the surfer, got it's own modkit and some nordrhein (westfalia) unique option

then :

- surftow : a towtruck surfer, handling is same as towtruck2 so.. not the best
- surfoldf : it's an old firetruck based on some irl early vw combi firetruck
- surffirbox : another firetruck
- surfhearse : a hearse/lurcher based on the surfer. Happy halloween
- surfflat : a flatbed surfer (like irl, basicaly a pick up without the bed sides)

thoose 5 surfer are "dispatch car" and share the same limited modkit. some option like spoiler are not avaliable on theme.

1.0 : initial release

correction :
- racing stearing wheel was not connected to the dashboard
- trailersurf2 corrected a flying around windscreen on lods 1,2,3,4
- trailersurf corrected a wrong bobdyshell position on classic style and gtaV style
- trailersurf2 corrected wrong color shem on classic style

knowing bug :

- windows wont break
- somes lods are a bit agressiv
- caliper may glitch with custom rims
(they will be replace by drum break on next update)
- panel van interrior still have windows holes
- hearse got holes
- missing textue (you can take the 3 "slamvan_bed" in surfflat or surfdcab, or surfcab ytd and juste drop them in the surfhearse.ytd until i fix this)
- no animated passenger door on surfcab (but it open)
- surfdcab/surftow got a hole when rear door is open

thanks to :

- Le shark : camper interrior, realy big thanks for spontaneus sharing
- 11john11 : police/firetruck dispatch light, big thanks to explaine how work police car and share his stuff
- TheSecretPower : big thanks for his 3d awsome BF badge
- weeby/nickename, le shark (yes again), tribal, player 3, Dynamo, GOM : beta testing and huge bug report
- chans.e, dima_simple_, player 3, player 1, le shark (yes, again, and again), NAstyW!NN3R, Tribal : screenshot
- dima_simple_ : release picture drawing, it's awsome dude !
- FredSkin : the peace 3d bagde, thanks for spontaneus made (big up gros)
- to all the vw discord guys, thanks so much for help, motivation and spontaneous teaching.

- axslayer33 for bug reporting
- 13stewart for bug reporting

enjoy, and remember to respect driving restriction in your contry

more pic https://imgur.com/a/oipRPB2
some a early screenshot, so holle you can see are already corrected

also, i forget to include the templates, juste use the one in preview picture for now, until i patch it

support and bug report if needed
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