Sandler Storm Chasing Vehicle


So, here's something a bit different. Being into storm chasing myself (as you obviously and clearly can see from almost all my previous mods), and inspired by Fractagram's Storm Chaser VapidXL, I decided to give this one a try by making my first vehicle using Menyoo's Object Spooner.

It transforms the Sandler into a storm chasing vehicle, equipped with a large radar at the back, many radar screens inside, video and photography equipment, more lights as well as some other minor stuff like clipboards, a case and a pair of binoculars.
This mod needs Menyoo in order to be functional so download it by clicking here

= Installation =
Drop "StormChaserSandler.xml" into your root directory/menyooStuff/Vehicle

= How to spawn in game =

Open up Menyoo and then Vehicle Options->Vehicle Spawner->Saved Vehicles and select the "StormChaserSandler.xml". Tada!

P.S Do not forget to activate Persistent Attachments!
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