Countryside Feast & Land Improvements


So yeah, I was practically messing around with the Map Editor, placing some more trees in Blaine County etc. and this one idea came into my mind. I would create a scenery in which an outdoor countryside feast will be going on. Aaand, so I did.
The map features the countryside feast, in which you can find traditional musicians playing, people enjoying themselves or taking photos of the musicians, an imposing (I tried) big fire in the middle of the area, some wooden outdoor tables filled with various alcoholic beverages, firework crates, lanterns & many many other props. Reference to the pictures included.

It also enriches the landscape, some olive and oak trees have been added, two rural fires accompanied by observers and some other minor props.

You can optionally add traditional Irish guitar music, more details can be found inside the "Readme!" file.

IMPORTANT! This map requires Map Editor by Guadmaz in order to be utilized. You can download it here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/map-editor


  1. NO AUTOLOAD: Place "olives.xml" in to GTA V main directory. Then, in game, open up Map Editor, select
    "Load Map", then the "XML" option. A type window will pop up, just type in "olives" in the box and
    press enter.
  2. AUTOLOAD: Place "AutoloadMaps" folder in to your "scripts" folder, located in the GTA V main directory.
    If there is no script folder, create one. This will make the map load by itself as soon as game loading
    is finished. (P.S Loading the models could take up to some seconds, so be patient)

Irish guitar installation instructions can be found in the "Readme!" file.
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