SAHP Bravado Buffalo STX (DLS) [Add-On] 1.12.1

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SAHP Bravado Buffalo STX/SX
Featuring CHP-spec antennas, pushbar, lighting equipment and setup, liveries and more.

CHANGELOG further down, please scroll.

---- The story behind this project ----
As I was too impatient to wait for the JacobMaate version, I decided to create a temporary SAHP model for this brand new GTA V vehicle. It was meant to be a small edit, but seeing the hype around that model I managed to port as much details as possible to match Jacob work on his sahp pack.

Thank you Jacob for your SAHP assets, I used them with love, and thanks Nacho for the amazing STX model !

Keep in mind that I learned Zmodeler while doing that model, this is my very first vehicle release ever, and maybe my last. Please, be kind with me if any bug occurs...

---- Installation instructions ----
1) Drop "sahpstx" folder in MODS/update/x64/dlcpacks
2) Add dlcpacks:/sahp2stx/ in MODS/update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml
3) -OPTIONNAL- (if you have DLS) : Download and install the sahp.xml DLS config file from neversober81 DLS megapack. Do not forget to add sahp2stx inside the -Models- tag at the beggining of the file.
4) Launch the game and spawn the car with its name :
- "sahp2stx": lightbar model
- "sahp2astx": slicktop with pushbar
- "sahp2bstx": slicktop without pushbar

Slicktop versions spawn in full white and black/white variations.

---- Extras & Liveries ----
Be aware that, spawning a vehicle with a trainer will a lot of time not spawn the correct livery with the correct color variation. I can't do anything about that. So, for slicktop versions, you'll sometimes spawn a black/white version with the unmarked or polar bear livery. You can fix that changing the livery though your trainer. (However, if the car is spawned in the traffic with popgroups, it will use the correct livery and color variation.)

Also, I can't force specific extras to spawn with specific variations, there isn't such possibility in GTA config files. So use your trainer to get the extras you want/need.

---- DLS and siren ----
The siren will work perfectly out of the box like any other non-els vehicle.

However it will be much better using DLS. As you'll be able to have stage 1/2/3 lightings.

Drop the sahp2stx.xml to your DLS directory.
>> IF YOU PREVIOUSLY ADDED sahp2stx to sahp.xml or any other .xml inside your DLS directory, remove it now to avoid any siren conflict in DLS.

---- Siren SOUND ----
The vehicle use the FBI siren slot by default. Feel free to change that, using one of the provided .rel files in the chooseSIREN folder. READ the howto.txt in that folder. You'll be able to choose between police, policeb, sheriff2 or fbi siren.

If you use DLS, remember than you can change the siren sound of your own vehicle directly in the .XML. (look here for siren names) The AI, however, will still use the sound defined with the .rel file

---- CHANGELOG ----
1.12.1 : Removed the front bison badge. Moved the spotlights up to match the IRL CHP setup. Screenshots not updated.i

1.12 (04/2023) : Another update to stop Officer91 from spamming my Discord private messages. Thank you for your constant motivation speech, like "Update when" and "updating today ?" while I'm currently at work. (And many thanks to him, for the updated screenshots as always! <3)

Added new CHP-spec Pushbar, siren speaker and roof LTE antenna, AKA "the big black brick" (extra). Also added front licence plate. Credits at the end

1.11.1 (04/2023): It was long overdue ! Sorry mates.
Updated the buffalo model with the latest one from Nacho Buffalo SX.. Screenshots NOT updated.

1.10.3 : Disabled the radio wheel for those who had that problem
1.10.2 : Fixed rear plate light position on all variants
1.10.1 : Added blue/amber leds inside the trunk on all vehicles (you need to open it).
Removed, on two liveries out of 3, the sides motto and trunk "Highway Patrol" text for sahp2astx & sahp2bstx on full white "Polar Bear" variations. Like real CHP fleet.
Also added an extra antenna, on the trunk, for unmarked variation use only.

1.9.3 : Slicktop without pushbar edited > Reduced the size of the front grille leds, and changed the right one to be BLUE, to match with real CHP charger. Added a "unmarked" livery and as requested, the right spotlight is now also an extra (9).
1.9.1 : Added two slicktop versions. One with pushbar (sahp2astx) and one without (sahp2bstx). Fixed DLS config, has weird coronas on headlights in some stages. Fixed vehicles names in lang files. As always, thanks JacobMaate for your assets.
1.8.0 : Front daytime lights now synced with lightbar. If you use DLS, the Customstage2 is also using the daytime front lights. Also added front indicators. Thanks Officer Failz. Also fixed the default siren sound as it was using sheriff2 siren instead of fbi. Minor texture mapping fix.
1.7.0 : Added the correct Buffalo STX sexy engine sound ! Thanks F5544 for the tip. The default siren is still FBI, but I included files for you to choose between POLICE, POLICEB, FBI or SHERIFF2 siren slots
1.6.1 : Fixed color on the side of the rear doors
1.6 : Added all the SAHP stuff in the trunk ! Had to remap and move some polys as the new buffalo trunk is way bigger
1.5.1 : increased a little the diameter of the new wheels
1.4 : Added JM sexy wheels! Front door handle now black. Fixed read door color on LOD4.
1.3 : Fixed glass shards
1.2 : changed the mirrors color to BLACK (was white...). Increased roof number size. Also added the missing dashcam.
1.0 : initial version

---- Credits ----
Jacobmaate for the lightbar, laptop screen, antennas, original sahp livery, trunk sahp stuff, wheels, interior blue/red leds, interior rear led bar... in short : all sahp assets
Nacho for his STX Bravado Buffalo model
11john11 for the speedradar equipment
Officer Failz for the front head & daytime lights
DarkScorpionUS for the roof Parsec LTE antenna AKA "big black brick"
Actuallytoixc for the new Pushbar CHP-spec
Screenshots, courtesy of Officer91
Sorry if I forgot anyone : tell me and I'll add it asap
Please, keep those credits if you reuse my work for any other release.
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