Bogu's Realistic Driving 1.03

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Handling edit originated from Killatomate's "REALISTIC DRIVING V" but with increased suspension sensitivity which original file lacked. I tried to make this steering as much GTA IV'ish as GTA V can be :D

Some cars are edited more, some less. By saying this I mean I changed not only suspension but many other attributes like engine power, traction, center of mass, air drag coefficient, weight, power balance between front and rear wheels (FWD, RWD, AWD), car damage

Airplanes and helicopters remains untouched (yet:)

I spent on this alot of time, hope it's what all of you people were looking for ;)

For all those who think my suspension is too soft go on and try to make a sharp turn with your car at 30-40 mph and see what happens.

I strongly recommend using DriftAssist by InfamousSabre

Enjoy and provide me feedback.

**********************UPDATE 1.02***********************

Minor tweaks and balancing. Done couple of vans. I am currently stuck at "cannot play offline mode" after instaling patch with new cars. Hints how to overcome this are welcome ;)

**********************UPDATE 1.03***********************

I fixed them for you. Enjoy.

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