Los Santos International Airport Police Pack [Add-On] 1.0

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Remember those days when gasoline was so cheap that wasting it driving around a big circle wasn't considered actually wasting it? Well, If you still enjoy dirving in circles... excuse me, "patrolling a very sensitive and transitated area known as te LSIA" then this is the car collection for you.

Introducing a minipack consisting on various LSIAPD vehicles based on the Los Angeles World Airports Police. The pack could be considered an expansion of Dusty's Airport Police Pack but mostly consisting in retro/unusual vehicles.


-lsiastanier: 1998 Vapid Stanier
-lsiastanier2: 1998 Vapid Stanier Slicktop
-lsiastanier3: 1993 Vapid Stanier
-lsiaprem: Declasse Premier
-lsiaalamo: Declasse Alamo Retro
-lsiagranger: Declasse Granger
-lsiagranger2: Declasse Granger Retro
-lsiagrangertf: Declasse Granger Retro Traffic and Security Enforcement
-lsiariataold: Vapid Riata Classic

-Drag or Import the mod folder into your mods/update/x64/dlcpacks folder
-Add the entry "neo_lsiaold" into your mods/update/update.rpf/data/dlclist.xml file using OPENIV


-Release version


-Weeby, Voltage, 11john11: MX7000 Lightbar
-Weeby, Voit: Traffic Advisor
-11john11: Antennas, Console and other equipment
-Weeby, 11john11: Better lightbar effects tutorial
-Eddlm: Enhanced handling for select vehicles
-neogeo39: Liveries
-ukeyS: Screenshots
-Lorehub team: Advice, help and references
-PJR_4015: a lot of reference material

1998 Stanier

-TheF3nt0n: Mapped Stanier and related edits
-Vx5 Voltage: Model improvements and fixes
-11john11: Door pillars and door/trunk locks model, hubcaps, amber indicators
-M4k3: engine bay, Retro Hubcaps
-Allen: Improved plate holder models
-Jacobmaate: Improved pedal models, Door trims

For the 1993 Stanier

-Rockstar Games: base model
-Glennoconnell: Improved 1993 vapid stanier
-neogeo39: model improvements, fixes and details
-11john11: vapid style retro steelies
-Eddlm: Enhanced handling

For the Premier Classic

-Rockstar Games: original Max Payne 3 model and parts
-Thundersmacker: conversion to Declasse Premier and GTA IV
-IVPack Team: conversion to GTA V
-11John11, Aquamenti: mapped model
-neogeo39: declasse steelies
-Eddlm: Enhanced handling
-Weeby: Declasse steelies inspiration and center parts

For the Riata Classic

-GCT: Original GTA IV mod
-Dani02: GTA 5 conversion
-Monkypolice: Model rework

For the Granger Retro

-Ubisoft: original Decussine 2500 model
-GCT: original Granger Retro model
-Dani02: converted Granger Retro to V
-Monkeypolice188: Better wheel models, enhancements, paintable interior
-Eddlm: Enhanced handling
-neogeo39: paintable rims

For the Alamo Retro

-GCT: Original GTA IV Granger Retro mod
-Dani02: GTA 5 conversion
-Weeby: Alamo Retro

For the Granger

-Bravo-one-charlie: Improved model
-Lt Caine: Mapped model

-Do not reupload anywhere else/modifiy/use in FiveM
-If I forgot someone on the credits please send private message
-If siren doesn't work change their ID or use this Script
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