GTA 5 Bicycle Realism and Realistic Trick Overhaul 1.1

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This is my first mod, i tired Ceano Real Speed For Bicycles and Fearless_Bobs BMX Handling Overhaul mods but weren't really what I wanted, they're close but not good enough so I compared their values to the vanilla ones and over the course of 3 days i fine tuned all the bikes for realism.

Changes that are the same across all bikes are steering is more precise and top speed changes.

The Tribikes and whippet share very similar stats now as i felt they are the same bike with minor differences so they both hit 40mph/64km

The scorcher is now more like a down hill and tuned for tricks, though you can't ride backwards because that would remove the a massive portion of the break function and be useless for the mountains where its at home, also more lean for easier flips and air steering for easier 360s . top speed is just over 30mph/48kmh

The BMX was my baby and what i spent the most time tuning, it's completely ready for an actually freestyle BMX experience! back wheel is more of a freewheel now riding backwards after a 180 is possible with being able to stop without hitting something to stop you. Nose manual is over distance, more lean for flips and air steering for 360s. 30mph/48kmh top speed.

Their are a few bugs that break the realism.

First is the scorcher with a stoppie/nose manual you can keep going forever is you steer it the right way.
The BMX stoppie/nose manual will go forever and if you hold the jump button you will reach speeds upwards for 40mph and its extremely hard to knock you down(i call it freight train mode and i can't fix it.....I tired), as well as if you hit some walls while doing hold a nose manual you can ramp up flat walls for a short distance(as far a i know, you could possibly climb a building doing this)

I have a video showing what you can do bugs included, if someone knows how to fix these bugs please do! I want it as real as possible and this is as real as I could get it


1.2 BMX only
-new a top speed is 25mph/40kph
-wheelie/stoppie balance points, so now balancing on ledges is easier!


1. Run OpenIV
2. Fallow path this path OpenIV > GTA V > update > update. rpf > common > data
3. start edit mode and replace the old handling file with the new one

If you have a different handling mod installed

1. fallow steps one and two from previous method
2. enter edit mode you want right click click on open goto export on the top right corner and export as .txt
3. open the txt file use the find function and type in bmx
4. go back to OpenIV and start edit mode find handling.meta right click and use edit then search bmx
5. start replacing the values for each bike or just the bikes you want all the bike are grouped together starting with the bmx and ending with the tribikes(the three road bikes)
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