Controlled Drift Handling (css172 GTA IV remake) 2.0

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This is my first mod, please don't hate me too much for doing stuff wrong.

Drifts were done with fully upgraded cars

v1.1 and v2.0 are now included in the download. Thanks to @5mods on twitter for quick reply and getting the v1.1 back

Completely reworked handling

Based on a drift mod from GTA IV by css172. I remade his mod into this, the car will now just go where you want. If you know what you are doing it can be very rewarding and a lot of fun, just watch out with the power.

Adjusted power
Changed clutch rate
Tweaked traction

I tried to make this mod behave more like a real life drift car. It grips on the straight when not using throttle. When you turn without throttle the car will actually go that way and not slide on as much as the other mods.

Made steering more direct, sacrificed the 'throttle and slide' aspect for a turn throttle and slide version. This makes the car way more responsive and easier to handle for precision drifting. This does make it harder to chain longer drifts together, because you will need more speed (and space).

I have made this drift mod because I wanted to have more control over the angle and speed of my car while drifting, this is what came out. If anyone wants to make a video of it, be my guest.

Installation instructions are in the readme.


By request of RUNitsAlpha I will remove this stuff here :D

Please tell me how you think about the mod. I will try to reply within a day. If you have a problem be sure to ask and I will happily help you.
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