Avengers QuinJet [Add-On] V3

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Avengers QuinJet
by JDeezNutz
Huge thanks to Rarefacer, SkylineGTRFreak and Elope for helping me with advice and answering my queries.

v3 - RELEASED - 26th Sept '17 -
- Corrected windscreen position
- Fix env reflections on models and bodyshell
- Added bench/seat for peds (Only copilot seat works atm..)
- Added door feature to top windscreen
- Added baby Groot w/custom textures (not perfect i know)
- Added damage-able bodyshell/ wings
- Corrected First Person camera height
- Adjusted First Person camera view
- Improved position with spinning rotors
- Added spotlights! (Right D-PAD)

v2 - RELEASED - 15th July '17 -
- Improved cockpit
- Added dials
- Added cockpit collision
- Exiting drive seat will now spawn you inside Quinjet
- Loki Scepter UV mapped & textured (will be improved later)
- Better First Person view
- Corrected turret fire 'location'
- Improved Jet thrust speed - sh*t off a shovel, no joke!
- Improved VTOL handling - more sensitive
- Added IM suit
- Improved windscreen model and textures.. if too reflective, let me know
- Added Steering wheel

NOTE: Exiting driver seat WHILE VTOL or flying, you will jump 'overboard' (through the windscreen..) and NOT inside.
ALSO NOTE: With the improved jet speed, now the jet will act different.. instead of holding down thrust (go/gas) to stay airborne, now you just need to max speed and you can completely let off the gas - this make the Quinjet to easier to fly as you only have to worry about slowing down and VTOL etc

v1 - RELEASED - 1st July '17 -
- Fully flyable (Jet & VTOL)
- Battle ready
- Working boot for access
- Easter Eggs

https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/afterburners-for-add-on-planes - I‘m Not MentaL & CamxxCore
https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/script-hook-v - Alexander Blade
https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/scripthookv-net - crosire

Please make sure you follow instructions, especially Step 10!


1: Open OpenIV and go to


2: Drag 'dlclist.xml' to desktop and open

3: Add this line, save, close and drag back in to OpenIV overwriting you're previous version.


4: Go to this location and make a folder called 'jdh' (without ' ')


5: Open the 'jdh' folder you just made and drag 'dlc.xml' from the downwload in to the folder.

6: Save and close.

7: Go to your GTA directory, open 'Scripts' folder and drag 'Afterburners.cfg' & 'Afterburners.dll'
from the download 'Scripts' folder in to GTA directory 'Scripts' folder.

8: Close.

9: Load up game, use 'quinjet' to spawn or find under 'Planes'

10: IMPORTANT: The script you added allows 2 thrusters to be used in game!
Once you have spawned QuinJet, press F11 to activate.

NOTE: If you save this vehicle i.e Menyoo, you DO NOT need to press F11 everytime, assuming you
saved the vehicle after activating.

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