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    Ok I just realized my Guided Missile launch never had worked before, after several attempts it fails to shoot out Sub!

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    @flash76 its weird but it has a source file text that generates all vehicles spawn, maybe somehow this could be edited to ones preference.

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    @x3mgamer really? Oh because when I checked my update.rpf>x64>levels>Ai folder, it had all the files you listed for install replacement, except for the criminformation.ymt file. On the other hand I was able locate original file from the common.rpf folder.

    Anyways thanks for heads up bro!

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    Ok so I have mix reviews for this 2.0 update, but still a solid class action performance delivered.

    Pros- Improved bullet animation effects, Law enforcements realistic night-time weapon flashlight addon, increased number of LE Ped spawns during high wanted level, superb response times, & fantastic Fib & Marshalls Ped outfits!

    Cons- Ever since version 1.2 was released, which I still feel was & technically still the best Vanilla dispatch release to date.

    - Removal of Female cops spawns within 1-3 wanted level.
    - Removal unmarked ford victoria sedans for Fib agents
    - Number LE Copters spawn dispatch I sense has been reduced, since vers.1.2
    - Didn't noticed any Fib copters during Level 4-5 wanted

    I've decided to experiment by trying to merged the successes from vers.2.0 dispatch files, with that of vers.1.2. in order deliver me a truly unparalleled gameplay performance Rockstar lazy asses couldn't even dream of.

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    @imbecille I ain't gonna lie, after installing and going through the files presented, it definitely ain't a cake walk.

    I noticed one particular folder that wasn't mention correctly on where its suppose to be place, I'm referring to the Ai folder for the "crimeinformation file" which goes into "Mod>Common.rpf file". This was nowhere instructed and lead me to experimenting and speculating on where it could go.

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    @imbecille man you should be most grateful, for someone who has spent countless hours of creating, to deliver a little joy in your life with these Mods!

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    Ooohh yea Vanillia Dispatch 2.0 is here, hopefully it exceeds my expectations as prior versions have!

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    @fluffyboyo Ok I was able to finally get it to work by placing the Gangmod folder into main GTA V directory and the gangturf.dll file into the script folder. Afterwards pressing B key brought up the menu.

    Unfortunately this mod is little confusing, though quite engaging at times. There simply isn't any way to control/limit number of gang peds or if one wanted simply to turn mod off.

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    What exactly was changed in the pedhealth script, because I'm also using other data added into file, from another Modder for "Realistic Ped Health"?