1973 Toyota Corolla [Add-On / FiveM] 1.0 [Add-on]

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Hello everyone! what you see uploaded here is my first actual attempt at getting a vehicle imported to GTA5, the intention was just to do a quick little import and follow along some tutorials to get my head around the process, quickly spiraled into a bit of an extended venture.

This being my first conversion, I've tried to ensure everything is relatively functional, but I may have overlooked a few things / have things wrong that Im not 110% sure I am able to fix, regardless please leave any feedback / problems below and Ill try my best to get it sorted

- Massive thank you to 13StewartC, Tay & BobTheFitter
Without these 2, there is not a chance in hell that this car would of made it out of zmodeler let alone to a level I would feel relatively safe with uploading for all of you, you guys are awesome!
- Turn10 (Forza Horizon 4) for the base model / textures

- FiveM Ready
- HQ Exterior and Interior model
- Correct hands on steering wheel
- HQ 3D trunk and engine
- Animated engine and exhaust
- Rear plates as extras

Known Issues:
- No LOD's (I will include them in a later update)
- The rear interior windows arent effected by window tinting, Im not sure why, they're a double sided mesh with the correct alpha painted on them in zmod, any ideas please let me know
- Probably a bunch of other stuff I have completely overlooked, please let me know below

2. Drop the "corolla74" folder inside "Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks"

3. Go to "Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data" Add the line below in your dlclist.xml


Use any trainer of your choice to spawn the car in the game
The spawn code is "corolla74"
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