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    @nandorosen @Leworiam @Eddie O'Neil @Sm0ke4ever_Loco
    Sorry guys I would post here my YouTube tutorial but the Admins wont let me so go on YouTube and search for Dryder Mataroa and Addonpeds tutorial or comment on any video and i can guide and help you.

    @Leworiam: You need the custom PedSelector.dll file and install it inside your scripts folder.
    @Eddie O'Neil: Those files dont work only .ytd, .ydd, .ymt, .yft files. Those files are called replacement peds. This is the Addonpeds version.
    @Smoker4ever_Loco: You need to install the 2 files inside the main gtav folder. Search tutorial for more info on YouTube.

    Remember guys to install: Heap Limit Adjuster, Packfile Limit Adjuster, Custom Gameconfig, Custom PedSelector and Latest NativeUI.dll files as well.

    For more info like I said before go to YouTube search for Dryder Mataroa and comment on any video and I will help you. Or you can find the latest Addonped tutorial video on my Channel and do it yourself if you want. Thank you....

    2020. április 26.
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    @Strangest-LoVe because you installed it wrong. You didnt add the AddonPedsVars.xml file. Everyone having trouble and yet its EASY to install. I could do it in my sleep.

    2020. április 22.
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    Thank you for an awesome mod. Simple install keep it up thank you. Here is proof that I added you in my YouTube description. Once again thank you :) https://youtu.be/tw3NH61LrBk

    2018. szeptember 21.