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    @w.. Awesome, thanks for the heads up! Appreciate your reply.

    2020. december 6.
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    This is amazing! I use stock cars and this gives the *exact* amount of control I was looking for.

    Question though -- is there any way to disable controller controls? I believe DPad Up toggles my siren, and B toggles the manual siren. However, I'm using the Steam controller and have mapped those buttons for other uses. Wasn't able to find anything in the .ini to do so.

    2020. november 23.
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    Thanks for this! Tried a whole bunch of other Scout models and this one fits perfectly within my non-ELS, non-Amber fleet.

    Would you consider making an all-white LSC Sheriff version?

    2020. november 4.
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    @Slash_Alex Thanks, really appreciate your quick replies. To save my weapon set, I'm launching a stock installation of GTA V, giving myself all weapons, then saving it under the "Save Weapons" menu. I am then (in both stock and a LSPDFR installation, off duty), going into the same menu, and hitting '5' on the "Equip" option, but nothing happens.

    Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong here. Thanks!

    2020. június 23.
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    @Slash_Alex Ah yes thanks, I'm an idiot. Turns out it was the Automatically Give All Weapons option that was crashing the game, a known LSPDFR bug so nothing to do with ENT.

    I'm trying to get around this by adding a full set in a non-LSPDFR mod and saving it in the "Saved Weapon" menu. However, when I hit equip (in either LSPDFR or stock GTA V), nothing seems to happen. Not sure if I'm misunderstanding the function of Saved Weapon?

    2020. június 22.
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    Hello! Is there any way to get ENT working with LSPDFR? It's my favourite trainer by far and would LOVE to be able to use it. The game currently crashes when loading with ENT installed.

    2020. június 16.
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    Amazing, thanks so much! Works like a charm, and exactly what I was requesting.

    2020. május 14.