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    Alright thank you for your response, I'll check out the discord. See if I can help you on testing and reporting.

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    I have a simple question.
    I've got your mod for cayo perico installed, I suppose you're working on an update for the tuners update.
    My question is, how do I update it when the time comes?

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    @Eddlm After the newest update the catchup mechanic no longer works as intended, on the previous update I had onlyloners-false and it made the entire field behind me move faster, as I wanted.
    After this update that no longer happens, and yes I've got the options.ini with exactly the same settings has I had on the previous version.

    2021. május 2.
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    @Decapitated ah thank you very much for the answer.
    Been using it for God knows how long and in all the years I've never noticed that.

    2021. március 19.
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    Anybody can tell me if the trainer allows for removing money the character currently has?

    2021. március 18.
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    Love the mod, been using it since idk when.
    Only have one thing to point out, quite limited ATM locations, both in the city and outside. I end up always getting sent to the strip club ATM or, if I'm in Blaine county, the hospital ATM.
    There's several other ATMs available, including inside 24/7 stores that aren't being used by this mod.
    If you need help drawing a map of the missing atms I can help, just holler at me.

    2021. március 18.
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    @punkholder225 The only garbage I see here is your comment... And your spelling.

    2021. március 15.
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    Hmm another thing, is it possible to be a passenger on trailers like the anti aircraft trailer and still be driven around using this mod?
    I'd do the test myself but I'm not at home and I'm curious.

    2021. március 12.
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    Any kind soul in this comment section can tell me if there's a "skip trip" option on this mod? Thank you in advance :)

    2021. március 9.
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    @Eddlm Alright I've been playing a lot with ARS and got a few bugs I'm not sure you're aware of.
    -After each race your character gets stuck with 1000 health points/becomes God mode.
    -After doing a race you lose the ability to save your game. Only way to save after this point is to trigger an autosave.
    -As long as ARS is installed you cannot call for a taxi. You can call but the taxi never comes, I done intensive testing and I'm 100% sure this issue comes from ARS.
    Great mod, but it becomes a chore to have it installed with these bugs.

    2021. március 9.