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    I have every part of this awesome mod working. Loaded interior with lots of peds in thier right positions, sitting at tables and at the bar. Bouncers spawn out front, and I have music playing in the club itself. The only problem, is that I cannot get Scenarios to work. The game wont boot and I get an instant CTD as soon as I install the file (that I have modded) into the game. Could you please briefly explain where I am supposed to paste in your Senarios to the file in the game. I have tried using as the first entry (after <CScenarioInfoManager>) and at the one at the very end (before </ScenarioTypeGroups>).

    Could this be related to my Gameconfig? Its tricked out for something like 20xs the NPCs and its sourced from this Higher Traffic Mod:

    2021. december 13.