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  • D5cce7 img 3976

    @Manamal NO! it will works, but if you switch your character like from Trevor 2 Franklin the Game will crash !!! tooo much Vegetations! you can use ForestofSa with LAREVO or LWE, but i recommend to use only ForestofSaN with LAREVO! i use Remastered only with NVE,ForestofSa,SanFiero/LasVenturas,GTa3Libertymap,NorthYanktonStandalone,PayaCario standalone,... works perfect without crashes,... use different GTA5 rigs ;-) if you want to have many mods,... most are not compatible,or you have to make it comaptible by your

    2024. január 19.
  • D5cce7 img 3976

    Sry bro, none of your sounds work 4 me !
    probably because they are in conflict with the addon sounds of Aqua/KCmiro/Legacy and Admister ....

    It's a shame because some of the sounds in the video sounds pretty good..and i think you have hard work for these sounds...

    But I think my 155 addon different addon sounds is enough,..
    It's too much work for me to filter out each one that conflicts with your sounds...
    I wrote down all the sounds in a table
    It was a lot of work to make almost all of their sounds compatible with my build

    Anyway, go ahead, maybe you should change the names completely, in the future that they doesnt conflictwith the others:
    for example instead of "ars7" you should use "ijue7" or instead of "bm3g80valvetronic" you should use "kl3usgkwk8uvalv".....

    The other addononsounds authors still have these problems from time to time...
    As an example the sound from legacy "Mercedes AMG CLK GTR V12 Sound Mod" is in conflict with " BMW M4 S55 I6 Akrapovic Sound Mod",... That means one sound works, the other doesn't...

    example: your bm3g80valvetronic stand in conflict with KCmiros "kc31m3gtr" and kcmiros "kc115bmwe46st" and legacys "lg58mwm3gtrdemo"

    Practice makes perfect, good luck and have fun :)

    2023. október 11.
  • D5cce7 img 3976

    good sound, only problem is that if you use this sound and the BMW M4 S55 I6 Akrapovic Sound Mod from you, the m4 sound is disabled, cause of a conflict ! also the amazing BMW M3 GTR P60B40 V8 Sound Mod is not combatible with an other sound mod from you,... also the Lamborghini Murcielago Straight Piped Exhaust V12 Sound Mod is not compatible with the bentley sound mod,.... i know its not easy to make all compatible, but it would be great :)cause you are one of the best in gta5 sound mods!!!

    2023. október 9.
  • D5cce7 img 3976

    Thanks for your allways excellent Work !!! Best Addon House mods!!! Bye and See you in GTA6-mods :)

    2023. szeptember 16.
  • D5cce7 img 3976

    Good Work as allways! only thing is handposition with steering wheel, but really good work !!!

    2023. szeptember 11.
  • D5cce7 img 3976
  • D5cce7 img 3976

    Absolute Good!!! many thx

    2023. augusztus 31.
  • D5cce7 img 3976

    @raburs I think I use 6000 or 8000, got a 3090FE

    2023. augusztus 30.
  • D5cce7 img 3976

    i use Nve/Quant as Graphic mods with photorealistic Graphic reshade, 600Addon Cars, Forest of Sa, LARevo,Liberty Cry, San Fiero/Las Venturas with many Scripts and other stuff.
    My PcSpec: 12700K 3090FE, 32GB RAM

    Absolut amazing no texture Loss anymore !

    thx a lot!!!

    2023. augusztus 3.
  • D5cce7 img 3976