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    @alexander992 That's a pirated copy of GTAV. Just go buy the game and do a clean install, then you won't have issues. It's on sale right now.

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    @alexander992 Print screen take the screenshot, then open MSPaint and paste it. Save it as a JPG file. Then go to https://imgur.com and upload it.

    @Reptilian Overlord I may have figured out what's causing the lights issue. Can you remove "NativeUI.dll" from the scripts folder and tell me if that fixes it?

    I noticed whenever I start my game with NativeUI, the entire screen has green boxes that look very similar to the ones in your glitch. They go away after a few seconds though.

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    @alexander992 It's too difficult to troubleshoot your error with little information to go on. Let's start with this: Send me a screenshot of all the files in your GTAV folder. Also did you have any other graphics mods installed before NVR and if so, did you use the uninstaller to remove them first?

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    @Fr4 Which weapon mod do you have installed?

    @billsprestonesquire You know what, you're right. I just went back to test / look at it again and the update.rpf was indeed missing from the second half of the assembly file. This is odd because I could've sworn I tested everything before releasing, but looks like I made a little mistake without noticing. I apologize for being wrong to @DiamondSaints and will have a fix up by tomorrow. Thanks to both of you for letting me know about this.

    @Saad salman I don't recommend using it with MVGA nor am I responsible for any bugs that occur once you do that.

    @DaAlphaSupreme Maybe you can ask the WoV dev to look into it. I'm not sure what his script exactly changes and what file could be conflicting with it.

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    @Reptilian Overlord Thanks, will try it soon and get back to you.

    @DiamondSaints It does work though. Maybe you didn't install it properly? For the white tires of wheels you modified, It could be due to NVR using an edited 'vehshare.ytd' file. You'll either have to modify the wheels to work with it or replace that file.

    If you are referring to a replacement vehicle with white tires, then refer to this:

    And for anyone reading this, I *am* working on investigating all the issues you guys report. It's just going to take me a while to do that and also deliver the next update (which I've also been slowly working on).

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    @Reptilian Overlord Would it be possible for you to zip up all the dll's / script files and upload them somewhere for me, along with your scripts folder? Maybe sendspace.com or mega.nz ? I'd really appreciate it.

    @Irineu Graphics related? None

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    @JeppeYo Your monitor settings are screwed if Brighter Nights is too dark. Try using default settings for it and also try resetting the NVIDIA control panel gamma, contrast etc

    @Reptilian Overlord I’ve seen a few others report that but haven’t been able to replicate it on my end. Can you tell me ALL the scripts you have installed?

    @endead Probably conflicting with another sand texture mod you installed. Since you probably don’t know which, just go to the ‘NVR_textures’ dlcpack and delete any instance of ‘venicebeachground.ytd’.

    @Brow_GTA_V You go back and reinstall the mod properly. Surely you missed some files or overwrote something.

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    @xEnzo Not sure, never used WoV before.

    @Ob1one You must've done a manual install and forgot to copy the AI files. Go to "\Manual Install\update\update.rpf\common\data\ai" and copy everything over to the same path in OpenIV, except you replace "Manual Install" with the "mods" folder.

    @sip2812 To uninstall that add-on, you must re-install the mod using the "NaturalVision Installer.oiv" file. Currently that's the only way to uninstall that.

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    @DaWoodz Nah I couldn't connect since the pass was wrong.

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    @xEnzo I’ve seen a few people having issues with WoV compatibility but Vanillaworks should be fine.

    If you replace a lot of vehicles instead of using add-on cars, then you can either edit the NVR_emissive dlc files or remove it from the dlclist.xml file.

    @EDSDUH Tell the author of that vehicle to fix the lights or learn how to edit carcols and fix it yourself. It’s not something I should have to deal with.