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  • Tubeguy

    I love it! but I have a couple of questions, like why i cant use it online , I have an elegy in online mode and I would like to use it, but if not also i dont want to sound lazy but having to before using it in online change it in openiv its a pain in the ass lol , but I dont see anything wrong with using as it is nothing more than aesthetic mod or not ? and the other question is if I can edit the car ( I do not speak directly of this one i mean other mods textures that there are in the page like the ones you have several types of textures ) can i edit them without closing the game or do i have to close always like trial and error and see if achieve it right? thank you very much I love this mod again! (Sorry for bad english)

    2015. május 21.
  • Tubeguy

    i add the directory of my mods folders and nothing apears in the programm, also, i dont understand the online or offline mode what's that for?

    2015. május 12.