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    @Hunk I think you've started falling into the trap of ruining your mod by adding too many different features, that whether we want it or not, they're all packed in a single mod. The best thing you can do is add an option to disable these features (which you totally do), but imo keep the mod's "theme" or it's functionality pretty much straightforward, otherwise we will not know what to expect from the mod, in this case, it's an expansion, but how far does it go?...

    2022. október 30.
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    @Hunk what do you say brother? (look at my last comment two days ago)

    2022. október 26.
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    @hunk nice work updating all your mods, this mod I really like but I can't seem to understand how it's useful to have one bag per character. I don't know maybe it's just me, but I think that's the one thing that will make this mod SUPER - to be able to store bags anywhere on the map (with cash too but not a must), and that the bags will be there the next time I launch the game, do you comprehend the possibilities?? Please consider that and let us know what do you think. Maybe you could create this idea in a totally new mod..

    2022. október 24.
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    @Hunk Nice additions. I will tell you this - I want badly this mod or another mod if you can create to store weapons and cash at certain locations that will be persistent (here's a better explanation - https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/39402/store-your-money-in-a-bag-on-a-roof-anywhere-on-the-map)

    2022. október 22.
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    1. I'll wait for the next update since it's really annoying and must be disabled
    3. I reloaded scripts and it seems the bags aren't consistent.
    Which is actually disappointing. I wanted toi use this mod to stash Items and money all over the map, and be able to pick 'em up again. But overall nice mod!

    2022. október 21.
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    @Hunk Cool mod I'm checking it out rn. I've got a couple of questions.
    1. How can I remove the big weapon on my chest?
    2. How can I disable the whole holstering system? HOLSTER_MODULE_ACTIVE = false ?
    3. leaving duffel bags around the map, will they load up every session at the same spot?

    2022. október 21.
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    @BOPOHua In 1.1 the dll is named "ס.H.O.S.E.N.vr_1.1.dll" with a hebrew character, is that intentional?

    2022. október 11.
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    @adopcalipt Great update thank you. Can you please add these features:
    1. Unfriend a player (so he's natural again)
    2. random bounties so I don't have to put them myself (I think there are bounties in certain aggression levels but I play at 3-4 aggression and have no bounties unless I do them)

    2022. szeptember 28.
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    @HKH191 Two features that I think will complete this mod:
    1. An option to pay the mechanic (maybe a percentage based on the vehicle's price in 'AllVehicles.ini', or just a static price)
    2. An option to order a random car!

    2022. szeptember 23.
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    @RusLanParty Well actually it has a few effects but only one that's fitting this mod which is the camera shake on impact, that effect is cool I can't play again without it.
    Also csn you make it possible to choose the in-game effect on colision? That would be sick, the mod will become the ultimate mod!

    2022. szeptember 19.